Everest Sweepstakes


Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere already but AOL is having some kind of Everest Sweepstakes to win a trip to WDW and a special Everest riding experience.

The link is:


Good luck!





I entered my mother and myself!!!


Thanks so much…


Ooooooooh… I’d gladly take a free trip to WDW. Thanks for the link.


Thank you! I put my name in!


Gracias! I am in and I am feeling lucky!


thanx!! :happy:


Thanks. Hope someone here wins!


Anytime! I figure someone has to win it - it might as well be someone from DC, right?


i just entered the sweepstakes. i hope i win. Oh! one more thing go to tonydanza.com and click the sweepstakes here’s a clue is thrill go to tony danza.com and put the word thrill and you win.


Thanks for the link!


how old you enter the sweepstakes.:confused:


Thanks for the link!


Yes I’m entered!!! :smile:


I’m entered!!
Who wants to go with me when I win?