Everestt Commercial


Ugh that ride looks so cool in the Animal Kingdom when I just saw it on TV. And no, I haven’t been on it yet but now I’m having major disney withdrawals because I NEED to get on that ride. It looks like so much FUN. And we prob. won’t go to the parks for a long time now :pinch:


Not that this will help you feel any better, but EE IS cool. We got to go on it in Jan for the passholder preview. Just remember that it will be there for your next trip, and at least you get to go to DL, I don’t know if we will ever get to go there.


EE is awesome. I would say it’s Disney’s best thrill ride, but HOW can you say that when you’ve got ToT, RnRC, M:S, and TT to compare it to?

Anyway, I haven’t seen the commercial yet. Can’t wait.

I’ve been diggin’ the new commercial with the 2 kids laying under the stars and the one boy is telling the othe all the cool things at WDW.


Oh man… I haven’t seen a EE commercial. Where is it showing? I can’t wait…less than 60 days until I get to ride it…


I took a video on my camera of the drop outside the mountain for my family to see. They’re braver than me and they were debating whether or not to go on it, so they made me gather some info for them. It’s intense…

I’d post the video if I could but I would have NO idea how to do that. I’m sure there’s much better movies on the internet anyway. :laugh: Like… R2G’s awesome movie that he found, for example… :slight_smile: