Everybody's Sad Day


SO…whenever I am staying on property and I see a “Quick Checkout” envelope hanging on the doors of peoples rooms I always say “Oh…it’s their sad day”
OR whenever we leave I refer to it as “Our Sad Day”

Yesterday, while traveling up i-95 from my parents house in Hilton Head to Columbia I saw tons of cars with the official Walt Disney World bags in them (you know, the red and yellow plastic bags you get when you buy stuff there)…it was sooo many peoples sad day yesterday…it made me really sad.

BUT it also gave me a little Disney pick me up…AND insipred me to find out we only have
97[SIZE=“1”]days til the wedding
98[SIZE=“1”]days til Disney WORLD!!![/SIZE]


I hate the sad day. I don’t like the arrival day too much either. I mean, it’s full of excitement, but it can be hectic. My favorite is the first FULL day. Now that’s the Happy day! :happy:


Oh Bella, you’re so right! I always feel bad for the doorknobs with the envelopes. From now on I’m going to call it the “sad day”. On our Sad Day I always feel like we’re the only ones leaving WDW - that everyone else will just go on and on having fun forever…


So true, receiving that envelope is a serious reality check and it feels like trip went by so fast. Like Llama said on that last say it feels like we’re the only ones leaving and everyone is just starting their fun or will never leave.


Me too! I hate seeing those envelopes, becuase no matter how many days we have left it’s a reminder that it will be our “sad day” soon.

Same thing with getting off of the “monorail” at MCO airport and seeing all the folks with their Disney World bags getting on, heading to their departure gates. It’s their sad day, too. We’re so hooked!


On my sad day I’m already thinking of my next happy day! :laugh:


All of you, move to Florida…STAT!

Then, you won’t have to have ANY sad days! :happy:




I’m so glad I’m not the only one who feels that way!!

When we’re on our way to the bus stop in the morning and we see people loading their cars…yeah, it makes me sad for them.

I’m like Andrew though, by the time our sad day comes I’m usually already planning our next happy day! :mickey:


See, since I don’t stay on-site (:crying: ), I don’t see the Disney check out stuff at my resort. But what REALLY gets me is when we get to the airport and we see all happy families ARRIVING. They are all so excited to get there and to start their vacation! All of the little kids always look SO HAPPY to see the airport monorail (although it’s not the WDW monorail, they don’t care!) and they can’t wait to go see Mickey and friends. It makes me so sad and I always say to DH “THAT WAS US A WEEK AGO…”. :crying:


:crying: I always hate my last day of vacation, too. When I’m halfway through our week or whatever, I’m always like…YAY, 4 more days, etc…but, it goes by so fast! :sad:

But, at least we can always look forward to the next one, right???


Yesterday was my sad day:crying: :crying: When we left Disneyland yesterday there was a tiny little girl in a Cinderella dress… it was her sad day, too…and she kept telling her mommy she didn’t want to leave, she just wanted to live in Disneyland… almost made me cry:crying:


:redface: I start planning my next disney trip on our “sad day” and spend the whole time on the plane driving my dh crazy with the next trip plans.


It seems like we’re ALWAYS planning the next one! No matter how far away it is!!! (I’m already trying to plan a Disney Cruise for 2008…OR 2009!)


The longest I have ever stayed on-site is 3 days,so the time always goes by in a flash for me,but at least I can still come back the next week if I am in a serious PDD situation.


we’re all just really jealous of you Mick!!


Sounds like a really good plan!!!


Man i know what you guys mean and i have only stayed on property 2 times,but every day when i do DME and i have to do a pick up going to the airport i have to see all those sad faces and kids crying there eyes out because they have to leave. It’s heartbreaking but i always have a Disney movie to play on the way to the airport instead of the disney infomertial and that keeps there heads busy(at least the kids).
Disney should build a halfway house for all you hardcore Disney fans ,that way its a bit easier to let go LOL


No matter how many days we stay I’m never ready to go home and hate seeing those cute little envelopes hanging on the doors. Even if it’s not my door it’s a reminder that mine time is coming too. From now on it’s going to be our sad day, thanks Bella!


i wish that sad day never comes. i always hate the last day at WDW.


Kim, I’m totally with you here! It’s especially bad when the plane you are flying out on arrives and has to be unloaded with people just starting their trip at your gate. Then you see them running off ready to go!

On the flip side, it is such a nice feeling getting off that plane, seeing people getting ready to fly home with all their Disney bags and thinking that they must have had so much fun and now it’s MY turn! :laugh: