Everyone Gets in for Kids Price


Any ideas how long this promotion will last? We are headed out in March and it looks like the best deal around but I don’t want to jump to soon.


Where did you see this at? Is this for WDW? I haven’t seen this offer yet.


Just for Disneyland. That’s why I posted the question here. WDW seems to be doing better than DL.


Oh… Sorry… I didnt even see that!!! I dont have my contacts in and Im on my cell phone internet… Sorry!!


Im on my cell phone internet… Sorry!![/QUOTE]

:laugh: I have made more mistakes trying to read things on the internet with my old phone. I found the opposite. I actually have to take off my glasses to read it. My new screen is a bit bigger and it helps. . . a little. I wish the deal were for WDW.


I actually just bought two “Everyone Gets In For Kid’s Price” 3-day park hoppers about 15 minutes ago for my Dad & I!! :laugh: We are going in less than 2 weeks. Accourding to the Disneyland website this offer is valid from January 6, 2009 thru April 30, 2009.

The offer is good on 3, 4, 5, & 6 day park hoppers.

Awesome! I was SOOO excited to get two 3-day park hoppers for under $300.


nice that is good deal! wish I was going during that time. I’m jealous!!!


The tickets we are currently selling for this promo at the Disney Store is the 3 day park hopper ticket including one magic morning for 149.00 and ends on May 13th (thats when all the days must be used by, they may have it set to where one day must be used by then but I would be sure to check in to be sure not all the days have to be used by May 13th). Its a great promo and I would take advantage of it if you can!


I’ve purchased mine! 50 days to the Golden State.


How exciting, you will have a blast! Be sure to take advantage of that lovely Magic Morning! Hopefully they will have more of Paradise Pier finished when you go, enjoy!!