Everyone okay at WDW?


We live in Chicago and have been watching the Hurricane Charley coverage all day!! We see WDW was in it’s path once it got on land. Everyone okay?? Any serious damage to the parks…the resorts??? We’re praying for you down there.


I haven’t seen anything on the news…I know that our local news stations had people on the west coast of FL so we’re waiting to hear. I know there was damage at the airport and 105 mph winds…soo I guess we’ll find out soon!


We’re very shaken and there’s a lotta trash, but we’re OK! The parks are fine, no real damage. Sun’s shining right now, so it’s back to business as usual today. Got everything reassembled, especially the castle. We made it through the night and now we get back to work. Everyone’s OK it appears. Everything should be back to normal now.


Good to hear…hopefully the guests were able to somewhat enjoy whatever Disney gave them yesterday…and hopefully going back to the parks this morning will make them happy! Good to hear there was no significant damage to the parks.


What’s that all about? Did the castle sustain damage? Or do they do something to prepare it for a hurricane? Just curious…


I hear that they are closed today opening Sunday…true?


According to a post by metalfan they’re opening at 9 today.


[QUOTE=RowdyRAider Got everything reassembled, especially the castle. [/QUOTE]

My DH just asked me this morning if WDW actually had to disassemble the castle. I had heard that they could if needed be - is it really true? And did they this time?


The Walt Disney world Trivia book says that the castle cannot be disassembled in the event of a hurricane. Glad that there was no major damage. What a surprise that the parks would open at normal time today. I would love to hear what Disney did with everyone in the hotels. I bet that if there were any children (and adults) that were scared that if there were character greetings it would really help. Has anyone heard anything?


Rowdy, thanks for the update!!!


The following is on the Orlando Sentinel web site

Many theme parks open

By Greg Groeller | Sentinel Staff Writer
Posted August 14, 2004, 2:53 PM EDT

Most of Central Florida’s theme parks and major attractions opened Saturday, despite downed trees, debris and cosmetic damage to buildings.

Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Disney-MGM Studios – as well as Seaworld Orlando and Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios – all threw open their gates to visitors.

But Disney chose not to open its Animal Kingdom theme park and one of its water attractions, Typhoon Lagoon. Disney officials blamed debris to the heavily-landscaped Animal Kingdom and a scarcity of employees for the closures.

While many cast members reported to work Saturday morning, many others were unable to make it because of damage to their homes or impassable roads, Disney officials said.

"We had to make a decision as to what we thought the capacity would be at each park and what we thought the needs of our visitors would be,’’ said Bill Warren, a Disney spokesperson.

Universal and Sea World also reopened



It was a pretty rough night here in Orlando. Hurricane Charley cut a swath right through Orlando, doing the worst damage in the downtown area. We live west of most of the severe destruction and our house and trees didn’t suffer any significant damage. Our friends who live near downtown, though, had four large oak trees come crashing down on their house. Many of the streets in downtown Orlando are impassable because of downed trees and power lines.

Wind gusts of 105 mph were reported at Orlando International Airport. There were sustained winds of 90 mph all over the area.

We lost power several times during the course of the evening and several hundred thousand people in the area are still without power and may not have electricity for days. There are also concerns about the water supply because more than 400 pump stations that treat sewage in the area are without power.

DW and I were well-prepared in our “safe room” with water, food, flashlights, radio, bedding, etc., but thankfully we didn’t have to use it. It was a scary night sitting around as the storm escalated and you could hear the wind howling outside. The eeriest time was when there was utter calm as the eye of the storm passed.

The massive cleanup effort is well under way, but it’s going to take quite awhile before things return to normal for a lot of people in the Orlando area.


PH -
I am glad to hear you and your DW came out of the storm house intact and unharmed. Sorry to hear of your friends who weren’t as lucky. I hope they are injury free even if their home isn’t. Hope all is well. Prayers to those who have damages to their homes. :heart:


Thanks for the report PH.

I would love to hear from anyone who was on sight too. How did Disney treat you?

Pixie dust to you all.


I live in Kissimmee (I’m about 1 mile from WDW property) and we got hit pretty hard. Lots of roofs messed up and lots of trees down. Thankfully, my house came through just fine.



Our prayers and thoughts are with everyone in Fla. Could not imagine the devastation down there. You are all strong people and will pull through!!

We too were wondering how the guests at WDW were handling things?? Since the parks were all closed, I would imagine the restaurants in the parks were too. How do you handle all the guests with a restaurant or two, or a food court, for each resort. Most of the guests usually eat at the parks on a normal day. Had to have been crazy there. And to think, they most likely evacuated Ft. Wilderness to the resorts too!? Couldn’t imagine!!!


We live about 30 miles south of Chicago, and have been glued to the TV set watching the news. Just know our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Just wish I could offer more!!! :flowers: JOANN :mickey:


I am glad to hear that Disney World came out ok… We live in Jacksonville and we just got rain… no wind or damage just rain…so things in this part of Florida are ok… ºoºJudy


Glad to hear it Judy. :heart:


During Andrew we were camping at Ft. Wilderness, and we slept in the Hoop De Doo Revue theater, with the buffet open all night. It was fun, mainly due to the storm being not too severe in the Orlando area, it was just precautionary. (Unlike the very southern part of the state that was hit horribly). Imagine all us campers, at the time, with our air matress’s, with a room full of people snoring…of course this was before having our 2 boys. I guess it might be a bit more frustating now…