Evil Ebay Item



I suppose it would be a great weight loss item. I mean who could eat after hearing that song. But poor Mickey!


AHHHHHHHH!!! Make it stop!!~ :eek:


I’ll bet that finds it’s way back to the owner, no matter how far away she mails it.


Aaahhhhh…run away…run away!!!
I agree ddoll…it probably can’t be destroyed either…like that car Christine :eek:


Oh, but it’s BEAUTIFUL! I could probably overlook the tune to have that on my counter!


Man that thing is terrible…goes and places a bid without telling anyone


:laugh: The toaster IS pretty, but I would go insane with the song stuck in my head all day.


ooooooh my! I love the idea of Mickey’s face on my toast though! Believe it or not that song doesn’t bother me all that much, then again I am used to 3 & 4 year old children crying, whining, and screaming in my ears all day. hehe. This toaster might be a welcomed distraction, haha! I’ll get it and out it in our teacher’s room. They would know it was me, nevermind!!!


grabs face and screams now I’m going to have nightmares. :eek:


I don’t care what you all think! I am bidding!


…whats so scary…do people really have that ride that much? I love it! It is one of my faves :tongue: I love that song too, it’s on my iPod haha

I have a Mickey Mouse toaster but it plays the Mickey Mouse Club March…and it burns a Mickey face onto the toast, but that only works with White bread and we buy whole wheat. ho hum.


I think we should all chip in and buy it for MerlinMatt for Christmas! :laugh:


I love it!
OMG! I know you guys will pick on me even MORE than usual but - I love that ride,


I love this toaster!! IT’s so cool!!!

How fun would it be to have that song sung every morning while buttering some delicious toast?!?!?!

It’s so cute!


Well since we are confessing, I LOVE THAT RIDE TOO!!! And I love the toaster!


DisneyHog need sone of these babies… he’s in WDW now, so we should pitch in and bid on this thing for him so it can be at his house when he gets back! He may never eat toast again! Muahahaha


I was just thinking that I probably just jinxed myself by saying that–they will assign me to work at IASW now! :laugh:


oh i love small world!!! It’s my fave!!! hmmm i think my mom would kill me though!!!


I have a feeling that the novelty would wear off in about two pieces of toast for me… But waffles, now that is a different story. I could listen to anything for a good waffle… :wink:


You mean like this one?

My mom has this one and loves it. I vote for this one over the Small World :pinch:


Oh i think i like that one more than the small world one!