Evil things characters have done to you


Some of you may know I’m a HUGE Villains fan (yes I’m the one who cheers for them when everyone else is booing, aren’t I horrible?). Was just remembering some of the things the evil characters have done to me while at WDW. For example: I went up to see [B]Jafar[/B], and he reached out, snatched my Minnie ears off my head and put his hand there instead. The photo is in my profile.

And with Robio, we did MSSNHP back in '02, our family was dressed as the cast from [I]Alice in Wonderland[/I]. [B]Governor Radcliffe[/B] saw Robio as the [B]Mad Hatter[/B] and took his hat. Robio went after him, and the [B]Queen of Hearts[/B] stopped him and choked him. And to tell ya the truth, he says it hurt. One of the cast members had to go get his hat for him. LOL He loves telling that story to this day.

That same day, we were there earlier in the day, and my teenage daughter was the [B]Queen of Hearts[/B]. So when we saw her, we had to get a photo of them. So my daughter did her best [B]Queen of Hearts[/B] impersonation and got a big ol’ thumbs down from the Queen! LOL!

And MY favorite story is this one: We were at MGM, and were waiting in line to see the Evil Queen. Up until that point, I was a diehard Maleficent fan. There were some 9 year old boys in front of us, and they were fooling around and not wanting to go up and see her. So she glares right at them, and screeches,[B] “NEXT!!!”[/B]. SO dead on, I died laughing. I, of course, bowed to Her Majesty, and became her minion for a while. She recognized me ater on and I got a few photos of me kneeling in front of her. From then on, she has been my favorite villain.

Anyone else have any good villain stories?


Actually, I’ve never gotten a M&G with a villian SOB!

But from the parade, Cruella DeVille notice DS’ birthday pin and yelled Happy Birthday to him (very nice).

At Chef Mickey’s, Stitch poured a scoop full of cereal into his ear, then pulled it out and offered it to DS. Goofing it up, I said, “Bad, Stitch! No more coffee for you!” and he threw the cereal in his ear at me.


Jafar is pure evil in my book. I was ten years old the first time I saw him, and absolutely terrified by those looooong bony-looking fingers of his. So naturally, I was reluctant to have my picture taken with him.

I went up, got my picture taken with him (with his fingers too close to me for comfort. shudders) and then went to get my picture taken with Genie. While I was posing with Genie, as happy as could be, Jafar swept behind us and CLAMPED his big, bony hand down onto my shoulder. I SCREAMED. :nonono2: Then Jafar literally stalked me around Tomorrowland for a little while, until I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown. :sad:

Ohhhhh…he was soooo good he was bad. LOL


Cruella DeVille did ask me if I had any puppies…
but i didnt…so i dont know what she would have done if i said yes


I always wear one of those drawstring backpacks to WDW. One trip as we were walking down Main Street I saw Radcliffe out of the corner of my eye but we were on a mission to get to Space Mountain. Out of no where (I still don’t know how he moved that fast) he comes up behind me and grabs onto my backpack and drags me back down Main Street to where the line of people are waiting to see him. I had to call out to my family to wait for me - they didn’t even see what had happened, lol. So finally he pulls me back and points to me to his CM helper… I never figured out what it was about but the CM laughed and said something like “Yeah she’ll do.” I was so embarrassed because the entire line of people were watching me and laughing, and Radcliffe kind of freaks me out, so I just laughed and escaped as quickly as possible.


I once took Radcliffe’s pic and told him to “smile.”

He shook an angry finger at me.

*Yes, I just realized that a couple posts ago I said I never had a villian M&G. I was wrong. I met Radcliffe (Though at the time, I didn’t even know who he was!).


Wow that is a crazy and funny story!!! I am crying from laughing so hard…well, ok not crying…but still…ahem…pretty funny!!! Especially the part “yeah, she’ll do.”…lol


Does Prince John count as a villain? When I met him, I asked him if I could “kiss the royal fingers”. Unfortunately, he wasn’t wearing any jewels. If I can find the photo, I’ll scan and post it.


Hey Dementia…Great thread! Our DS just “loves” the bad guys. We search out the villians at WDW every trip. His screen name is Mr. Maleficent…that says it all. A few of the great encounters with M&G we’ve had…Jafar patting our son on the head after a picture and then wiping his hand on his clothes with disgust…Stitch taking our sons autograph pen and pretending to stick it up his nose and then giving it back :blow:…Captain Hook not finding his pin on our sons lanyard and taking it away from him :pirate: Lots of great memories.

Thanks again…Danny :happy:


Oh Oh OH!! I almost forgot…

Captain Hook tried to steal my wedding ring. :nonono2: We were eating at Goofy’s Kitchen after our wedding, and Captain Hook took my hand and kissed it. I couldn’t figure out why he wouldn’t let go, and then I realized he was trying to yank my ring off! :laugh:


Like you Demntia, I love the villians and root for them when everyone else boos…lol I like an underdog what can I say? I have had some great villian encounters. I have had the Queen of Hearts chase me in Fantasy Land. The Evil Queen would only take a picture with my DD if she covered her Winnie the Pooh shirt…lol I also had a scary Jafar…he’s creepy. I have had Darth Vader grab my head when he was walking by for the parade. I love the villians and always get moe excited to see them than I do with the regualr characters. I am still hoping on a new villian meal…that would rock!


salivates @ the thought of a Villain meal I just hope they do it before I get too old to enjoy it!!!


Can’t say I like any villians!! Maybe I’m wierd. I try to stick with the nice ones.


Never met a villian…something else to strive for.


We had our best villain encounters at the Villain’s Meal. The Snow Withch kept trying to convince my youngest DS to take her poison apple. He’d laugh nervously and push it away from him, Saying “No, I don’t want it!”

But out favorite was when Cpt Hook came over to us and my DS suggested he put me in the Boo Box (a reference from Glenn Close in the movie Hook). Cpt Hook thought that was a fine idea and tried repeatedly to get me to go with him, much to my kids’ amusement!


LOL Sounds like I’ve had a run-in with all of you at one point cause when I work with villains I “entertain” in these fashions, especially when I “work with” Jafar!! LOL Remember, villains aren’t bad. They’re misunderstood. Haven’t ya’ll read any of the “MY SIDE OF THE STORY” books where the villains tell what “really” happened from their point of view? The villains only hate, loathe, or otherwise despise their nemesis from their movies. Sure they can be prudent and snobby, but that’s because they think they’re royalty and should be treated as such since everyone makes fun of them and laughs and claps when they lose and hurt their feelings. Show them some love!


I could not agree more

Sounds like a t-shirt
“Villains aren’t bad. They’re misunderstood”


Iam a BIG Villian fan as well and Maleficent is my absolute fav!!!

I dont have any stories however… :wub:


Have any of you guys seen the Villains halloween tape?, It came out last year.
It was really good, the Villains took over the House of Mouse. But The good guys won it back in the end…


Yanno, my birthday is coming up

wink wink nudge nudge