So I was browsing the magazine rack at the store today. I was looking through all the magazines when I saw Hillary Duff on the cover of Cosmopolitan. I’m sorry, but that’s just wrong. She’s only 19! Ugh it just seemed out of place in my mind.


Maybe she should be on the cover of Cosmo TEEN…but not REGULAR Cosmo! :eek:


They will use whoever will sell magazines. It is a business.


Not only that but she looks about 30 pounds too skinny. I don’t understand why after her first two popular singles she lost SO MUCH weight. It REALLY looks concerning.


I know, I saw this at Wal-Mart yesterday… I was so mad that I didn’t buy it… :laugh:


You are such a dork, Dew Drop!


Don’t hate me for saying this, but I just don’t like her at all and I think she is a terrible influence for girls. She has a boyfriend who is almost 10 years older than her that she’s had since she was 17. So when she was a kid she was dating an adult, wrong in my opinion! She just seems so self involved and another word that I can’t use because kids could read this. Okay, thanks! I feel better getting that off my chest!


glances around :whistling


I’m probably going to be alone on this, but I don’t see a problem with her being on Cosmo.


Many of the women who are on the cover of that mag are that age. I don’t see the problem with it. Their target age is 18-24.
pumouse, I don’t think her and her BF’s age differene is that big a deal, but this is coming from a person who’s DBF is almost 13 years her senior.


OK but think of this. You see Hillary’s picture right slam next to some “things” on the cover page :o. It seems a little wrong…And yes it would be approiate if it was a teen magazine!


Well I think that’s fine because you were an adult when you started dating him. She was still a kid, just seems wrong to me.


I don’t approve of anyone who is THAT SICKLY-underweight and wears that much black eyeliner :glare:


And not to mention that bad choice of veneers… :eek:

Seriously… it’s a magazine. And even though she’s 19, she’s very much an adult. As much as people want to hold on to Lizzie, she’s way past that.

On the age tip - I met BF when I was 17, he was 26… and a cop. We’re now 22 and 31. Obviously, I have no issues with the age thing. :happy:


does she have vaneers?
I think she MUST have gotten some work done on her face…in Cheaper by the Dozen 2 she looks like half alien


Yup she got veneers - that are WAY too big for her mouth. She said she kept chipping and breaking her teeth on her microphones. Hello… you’re not supposed to eat them. :huh:

I think a lot of her change in looks is from the veneers, and her drastic weight loss. I wish she’d gain some weight - back to her “So Yesterday” time. She was so beautiful then.

Here’s her new teeth. You can see how the difference between top and bottom. And how they’re much bigger than necessary.


oooh thats totally what gives her the alien look!
With the skin and bones face and the HUGE teeth…yeah why does she chip her teeth on her mic? wierd.
She did used to be SOOO pretty! and one of the things that used to make me life her more was the fact that she had a bit of meat on her bones…too bad.


Ah…so aliens have big teeth… I wasn’t aware of that fact. I learn so much from y’all… :laugh:


My perception of Hillary Duff is sort of ruined… Hillary Duff will forever be a girl to me. She was in too many shows that my kids watched, so even when I am like an old toothless man and she is in her 70s I will still remember that she was some kid on tv! :tongue:


Yes, I see your point and just thought about how less than thrilled I would be if my DD brought home a man that much older than her at 17.

I still don’t see anything wrong with her being on the cover of cosmo however.


Wow, I just googled some images and saw her teeth before. You can really see the difference.

I’ve never been a Cosmo girl so I guess I’m not surprised.