I am looking for some help from anyone who uses EWR (New Jersey Airport) to fly direct to MCO. The airfare in RI and New England for April 16-24th, 4 people, is:eek: crazy! It is worth the 3-4 hour drive from RI to Jersey for the savings.
My question is, what airline that has [U]non-stop [/U]service to MCO do you recomend from EWR? I see Jet Blue but they are still a little high. Any help is appreciated!



Continental or Jet Blue, both are direct & easy from Newark to Orlando. Continental has a huge fleet there too & the biggest/nicest terminal (in my opinion).


Although I prefer to use EWR exclusively into NYC, also look at LaGuardia (NYC). Also, my inlaws drive from RI to Boston sometimes since the local RI rate gets out of control sometimes.

Good luck.


I have flown Delta nonstop as well.


We actually prefer using Jet Blue out of White Plains (HPN). Direct flights, small airport, easy parking and luggage carousels. Coming from RI, it is closer also.


Thanks All. I checked them all and the best price so far for Non Stop is Continental $303 round trip each from Jersey.
Flying out of any of the New England airports on Southwest is betwen $2100 to $2360. That is criminal!:angry: