Ex-Disney Employee Talks


Has anyone seen this. It sounds interesting, but I’m not sure if its worth the money.


i have no idea what you’re talking about.


Did you forget to put a link???


I’ve seen this somewhere. I believe it’s a book but I can’t remember.


It’s an advertising link on the bottom of our pages. I believe someone else brought this up once. It’s suppossed to be a book of secrets on how to save money, but nobody had read it at the time of the last post.


Do a search and read the other threads on this one, it will be worth your time, but from when I asked the question, I was told in a PM that this E Book was a scam, and what ever I did, do not download it! You should be able to find all of the tips to save you money on these boards try the budget saving tips, I guarentee you will find it useful!!! Not to mention Free!


Yeah,don’t bother with this book.


i looked at the site once a while back–it didnt seem worth it to me…if you have loads of questions about budget tips and stuff ask them here…we have enough CM’s and ex CM’s and just plain nutty disney fans here to help you out…for free!


Scam is what I think when I read this. Why would I pay for money saving tips that anyone on here can give me?? I don’t like the smell of that ebook at all. I’ll stick to the unofficial guide, mousebuzz, and of course allears.net!..opps passporter too.


I was the one who first asked about it when DC became MB. The word I got was this is just a former CM trying to make a buck, and it’s not all that helpful.

Now if you really want to buy some helpful hints, send me $20, and I’ll write up a bunch of suggestions on a napkin.


That better be a big napkin…


Naw. For $20, you only get the abridged version. For $200 + expenses, you can take me along as your own personal tour guide.


But will you send the tips on the back of your thong picture?


That’ll cost you $40.


Hey,I want a picture of Cavey in a thong!!!


I did hear about this book but I probably wouldn’t spend money on it. If you want to hear ex-Disney CMs talk, or even “annonymous” current ones there are several places to do it for free. haha. Is it ex higher-ups talking? I don’t know, if someone let me borrow it I might read it but I would assume it’s probably a bunch of mis-mosh.


for $20, is it at least a cloth napkin???:laugh:


OH!! haha! I thought it was like a book about ex-CMs, etc talking about the company or things they experienced, etc. I didn’t know it was a silly “tips” book. ugh.


Save your $$ for you disney trip. You will learn more here!


Sure glad I didn’t purchse it. I guess I’ll skip Birmbaum also. You guys seem to be very knowledgeable. Thanks