Exact location of Sum Of All Thrills?


Innoventions East or West?
Also, is there an additional charge to do this, as there is for Segways?
And finally, at rope drop, is there a beeline to this attraction, or does everyone still break their neck to get to Soarin’?


Not sure about East or West, but it’s in the building heading towards the Mission Space and Test Track side. We found it when we were heading into Ellen’s Universe of Energy, but decided to run in there to make a bathroom stop, and there it was.


That would be East.
You enter the park from the north and walk south under Spaceship Earth.
East is to the left and West is to the right.
East also includes Epcot’s major store, Mousegear. West is home of Segway Central.


Walk past the big golf ball, turn left at the entrance with the Kim Possible recruit sign up station. It’s just across from the Waste Management garbage truck.

No charge for the ride, but send me a couple of bucks for my next trip fund. :laugh:


Innoventions East is correct. We had a ball with this attraction. The lines can get really long, they have four simulators, while we were there, only 3 were running. We seemed to have the shortest wait early in the morning, and late in the day, after 6. :slight_smile:

And, no, there is no additional charge.


I keep confusing this with the Tom Clancy novel featuring Jack Ryan, “The Sum of All Fears”.