Sorry I don’t have any questions!!! I’m leaving for my first trip to WDW tmw and I am so excited that I can not sleep…am I crazy or was everyone like this on their first trip. I’m constantly going over things in my head trying to make sure I’m not forgetting anything. I am not sleepy at all and I really need to be sleep because we have a 12 hour drive ahead of us!! LOL!


Ah, I know how you feel!

I hope you have a fabulous time at WDW! Take a bunch of pictures with your new camera and be sure to write a trip report when you get back! :wink: :happy:


I have been there over a dozen times and I still get the “too excited to sleep” feeling before every trip! Enjoy every minute of your trip! We’ll be anxious to hear about it when you get back!


Have a great trip … Walt Disney World “Insomniacs World”
Break in that camera well !!! Looking forward to the TR :pirate:


that’s how I always feel too! Don’t sweat forgetting something…they have nearly everything you need at most of the hotel shops in case you forgot something back home. I’m so excited for you too…you’ll need a full trip report with lots of pictures!!!

We were just in Memphis twice over the last few weeks. We drove 600 miles the first day of our trip and stayed the night in Memphis and ate at Rendevouz (yum). Then driving back home from Chicago we drove another 600 miles in one day and ate at Corkys! We love of our Memphis BBQ, lol!


I remember the first time I turned the corner and walked down Main Street, I got goose bumps! I still feel that way every time I walk down Main Street.
Have a Magical vacation!!!


HAVE A FABULOUS TRIP!!! Can’t wait to hear all about it.


HAVE a GREAT Trip!!! Don’t sweat the sleep thing. Once you get in the car, adreneline will bring you to the kingdom and it’s magic will keep you fresh on your feet.


Make sure you come find me in the Street Party at MK!


:laugh: I am the same way!!! Every time we go I get super nervous and have a problem sleeping. I even have a problem sleeping there, my mind is always racing to the next day! have fun! You’ll crash when you get home :laugh:


SLEEP??? Who needs sleep at Disney…The more you sleep the less time you have to explore.


Definitely look for Rowdy. We found him and he’s the goofiest guy we know! Truly, a nice guy.

Have a great trip!


Hey, I’ll keep Memphis in line for your while you are gone (Ha!)

Have a great time, don’t stress the little stuff, and enjoy the time with your family.

Yeah for you! Have a safe drive! (BTW, which route are you taking?)


IF YOU CAN FIND HIM!! :pinch::pinch::pinch:


Have a wonderful and super magical time!


OK- I am from Greenville, MS - HOW IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DRIVING THAT IN 12 HOURS!!! Just curious. It seems I would be at least 2 hors closer and it takes me at least 13 hours.


Just sleep in the car. That way when you wake up you will be in the World!

I get just as excited! To the point where the only thing you think about is WDW and you start to drive your self crazy! Don’t worry…its totally normal…at least for a Mousebuzzer!!!

Have so much fun and please post a TR when you return.

Heres to a magical trip :laugh:****



I’m feeling your excitement. I still get excited…after 12 trips…and I NEVER get tired of planning. Our next trip is 26 weeks from today…for the marathon followed by a week of PLAYING, DREAMING, and EXPLORING!
My family teases me incessantly about all my planning, color coded spread sheets, and calendars…researching resort options, making ADRs, planning our schedules to maximize our time…but once we get down there they smile and thank me. Let it never be said my obsessive attention to detail doesn’t pay off.