Exciting change in plans


I just re-booked our trip through RCI (we had been booked at Bonnet Creek, October 22nd) we wanted to change to November 12th to be able to to MVMCP and see the lights. I also wanted to be able to stay at a WDW resort (but none were available through RCI for our week).

I waffled back and forth and didn’t make a decision about changing weeks & it paid off!

We are going November 12th-19th and are staying at…



I’m so excited!!

So…what do I need to know about this resort?


Beautiful resort! Very warm and cosy and especially nice around the holidays. My one gripe with VWL is that we always have bad luck with the boat to the MK - but others don’t have any problems - so I’d say you’ll love it.


YAY!!! Congrats!!! I will be using my moms RCI next May. Is it hard to get a WDW resort?? Any tips on how to snag them?


i booked a regular resort (bonnet creek) about a month ago and have looked online for a wdw resort multiple times a day, every day since. today was the 1st time any in October or November were available at all. seems like they are only about 6 months out or less.

also - you can do a search that should help, but i’d still look as often as you can :slight_smile:


I havnt stayed there but it looks amazing! I’ve seen a few videos on YouTube of the resort and there was a great podcast about it over at wdwradio a few shows back!


ooh, thanks, I will look for that!

My oldest DD doesn’t know yet - she’ll be screaming when she gets home from school! we’ve never been on vacation during her birthday before so the idea that she gets to be at WDW (and Harry Potter land too) on her birthday is going to be thrilling in itself!


You will absolutely love VWL. Congrats.


That is exciting! It looks like the waiting paid off!


usually i am more impulsive and just book it because I can’t wait. waffling worked for sure! i still am in shock! i literally checked RCI 4 times a day for the last few weeks! :slight_smile: