Exciting ticket new for Military!


Hey everybody!
I learned about this today. I don’t think the official anoucement will be out till the 4th. This is great for military families and wonderful way for Disney to show apreciation for members of the armed forces.

Anyone on active duty- Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard
Retired military personnel
Federal/State National Guard and Reserves (with active papers dated 1/1/08-12/23/09)
Dept of Defense (CIA, FBI, Secret Service) and Coalition Forces are excluded

[B]The military service member will receive one Complimentary 5-Day "Disney’s Armed Forces Salute“ Ticket with PH and WPF&M [/B]- this ticket is not upgradeable
[B]Up to 5 of their guests can purchase for $99 a “Disney’s Armed Forces Salute Companion” (5 Day Base) ticket and can add on the PH or WPF&M option for $25 each (which is 50% off the normal price); [/B]however, these tickets may also be upgraded to Premium, Annual and Seasonal Passes. Seasonal Pass upgrade requires proof of Florida Residency. No other upgrades, such as adding on additional days or the NE option, are available

This promotion will begin on 1/4/09 and end on 12/23/09. Tickets will expire on 12/23/09 and have no
block-out dates
Tickets may be upgraded anytime between January 4th -December 23, 2009 as long as there is usage left on the ticket.
At any Vacation Planner or Guest Relations Window
They can purchase an exchange voucher at Shades of Green (ticket is tax free)
They can also purchase an exchange voucher at their Base (ticket is tax free)

The entire party needs to be present for purchase (Spouse or military dependants can receive the companion discount without the military service member being present as long as they have their military ID)
The military service member will need to show ID; Cast Member will ask for their Base’s name, and the State where the base is listed.

This offer is only available once per service member


Wow that’s wonderful and well deserved!


I know I thought it was really great when I heard about it.


That’s amazing!!! Awesome deal.


That’s so awesome! I’m glad they’re doing something for all our men and women who serve. They really deserve a good deal like this.


Wow! That is great news!


How wonderful!! I think it’s great Disney is doing this. And yes, I am wondering if I can talk my cousin-in-law who is in the Army into taking a little family trip!! :laugh: Is that horrible.


I think that is a great idea becaue a 5day Park Hopper for 125.00 is an amazing deal! Plus the military person gets in free for 5 days!!




I just emailed Dewey a link to this thread - I wonder if Franco can use this?!


This is great. I hope a lot of them can take advantage of this :happy:

Too bad our tickets are already bought and paid for.


Wow!! This is a great thing for Disney to do to show appreciation to our armed forces!!!

I’m going to pass this along to my cousin who is in the coast guard! I’ve been trying to talk her into taking her daughter!!


That is truly awesome. Thanks for sharing!


I think I just talked my cousin into coming with us in May!!!

I wanted to add…I don’t need her discount as I already have my own tickets thru DVC. I just thought this was a great opportunity for her to take her daughter!


I’m excited about this and think it’s wonderful. I don’t know any active military… but I’m excited. :happy:


It sounds like it for retired military too. You would think that would cover half the country. Hmmmm, someone at church fought in WWII, mayhe he’d like to take us.


What a great way for Disney to honor our troops and let them know that we appreciate them. Soldiers deserve a vacation and a thanks for their service.


wow That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing the info Val!


You welcome! I thought everyone here would be like to be the first to know. Disney will make the official announcement on Jan 4th.


I am soooo going to share this with DH’s cousin…her husband just came back from his 3rd tour in Iraq/Afganistan:ohmy:…he has barely seen their 4 year old. It would be great if they could take him!!:happy: