Exciting Time for the parks.... Predictions


This is a reflection thread and a Look to the Future thread.

The past couple of years have really cleaned, repaired, straightened, and improved the parks. But, I am always one to look ahead and to ponder what’s next?

[I]In the past few years we have gotten…

New Attractions:

Stitch - not necessarily a great replacement, but still
Philharmagic - Awesome!
Pooh’s Playful Spot - nice, but more importantly this took care of the old sub area for easy futur edevelopment
Lights, Motors Car Stunt Show - Adding a much needed draw to that area of the park
Soarin’ - Awesome!
Mission: Space - decent ride finally taking care of Horizons and suiting technology for EPCOT
Expedition Everest - Perhaps the kicker to finally draw mass crowds to AK, definitely a winning instant classic regardless.
Crush n’ Gusher - How mice to have an addition to a water park - AND WHAT AN ADDITION!
Lucky the Dinosaur - Can’t wait to see an Attraction based on this technology.


Rehabs abounded these past few years, many too small to recall but still very necessary. Some highlights…

Small World total rehab and additions/changes - although suttle in most spots, this rehab ensures the long term endurance of a true clasic for many years to come.
CoP - gradually crawling out of near attraction extinction, the CoP has been getting continuous small upgrades and rehabs like Plasma Screen TVs, new fur, new seats, etc… Still more to go, but the ride has remained open for some time now.
20,000 Leagues area - although Pooh was a small scale replacement, it is nice the masive amount of funds was finally dedicated to tear down, fill, and landscape the old ride area.
Central Hub - Lowering the land and sidewalks, as well as removing the trees was a great idea.
Future World at EPCOT - although some work is left to be done, almost all the pavilions have undergone changes and rehabs of some caliber. Overall, it is keeping the area revitalized and fresh even if some changes (like the new Journey ride) were not up to standard.


Several other ideas and concepts have either returned or have been created in recent years…

The Return of Extra Magic Hours - only now we can get three hours at night as well.
Photopass - What a simple yet creative and conienent way to sell more pictures and appeal to the customers at the same time.
Park Ticket Options - they have always been a staple of Disney parks, but with the simple add-on flexiblity now offered, everyone can get a ticket custom made just for their own style and vacation plans.
Meal Option - For years, the best we had was Meal Vouchers, finally we can choose to add Meals and forget about Money/Eating Concerns during our trips.[/I]

Now, to look toward the future a bit. Obviously there are still places of concern…

Pirates, CoP, and Haunted Mansion greatly need a total rehab.
Timekeeper needs a replacement.
20,000 Leagues area and Toon Town Fair need additions/changes.
Living Seas conversion needs to be complete.
Wonders of Life needs a replacement.
Universe of Energy needs a rehab.
Several buildings need new shows/attractions at MGM.
Animal Kingdom needs more kid/family attractions and/or more at Camp Mickey Minnie.

But aside from those, what can we expect. What will be the next BIG ride? Where will the next new land go?

Disney is getting into a great position. The parks are coming back up to speed, looking new and fresh once again. The ride additions overall have been good if not great. The additions of Character Experiences and Food Changes have been steps in the right direction. So what personally would you like to see next? Here are my somewhat realistic preferences…

Animal Kingdom

I would love to see another country with a new animal trail.
An area similar to Flik’s Fun Fair at DCA.
Panda Bears in Asia.


Another country.
Rides added to existing countries.
Another attempt at the entire Imagination Pavilion (remove HIStK and the current ride)

Magic Kingdom

New E-ticket.
Update of deletion of Indy Speedway.
Redesign of Toon Town Fair.
An Enclosed Show Area with a show (ever notice the lack of real shows at MK, they are mainly walk in walk out types of entertainment)


Replacement for Sounds Dangerous and the old Superstar Television show.
Replacement for the Voyage of the Little Mermaid.
Replacement for Indy Stunt Show.
New Star Tours Ride.
Expansion of Muppets area.

OK, OK… this post is long enough. Have fun. Comment, post your own thoughts and ideas, or just discuss other areas that need addressing. This is a reflective post with a look to the future of the parks as they are now.


How about this: You plan your day on-line and get fast passes ahead of time? How cool would that be?

Of course WDW could account for those who do not preplan, but …

Ewww the thought makes me all tingly…


I love watching Disney grow and change, but hope they keep some of the old time atractions in the future and not try and change them into someting else. For example: My Dd is in love with the COP and the people mover…I would hate to see either of them go. The tree house is another oldie, but goodie as long as you don’t try and see it during the easter break…lol I would love to see some more new things at the AK. It’s a beautiful park and could easily be my favorite if there were a bit more to do for me and my DD. I would also like to see a Villian meal again. I am not holding my breath on that one, but think it would be super cool to see one. Maybe during Halloween they should have one. that’s my thoughts.


I absolutely love Soarin’, but think a nice change would be to soar in places all over our beautiful country. How magnifcent would it be to soar through the Grand Canyon, NYC, Mount Rushmore, farmlands, just too many places to name.


THAT is a great idea, Boss!! I also love to watch Disney evolve… :mickey: I agree with replacing “Sounds Dangerous” but “The Voyage of the Little Mermaid” :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying:


Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :crying: :crying: :crying:


I like the idea of making different versions of Soarin’ for different parts of our country, as well as other countries.

I’d love to see Indy Speedway re-done or (scrapped, sorry, but really.)

Toon Town ? It needs something, just don’t know what.

I would also love to see the Monsters Inc ride come to WDW.

And lastly, a Toy Story character meal!


Boss!! This would indeed be excellent!


I would also like to see the Nightmare Before Christmas theme come to the WDW Haunted Mansion.


I still think Epcot should have an earth below/earth above pavilion. Caves below. Astronomy above.


LOL It’s had a good run, but it has stayed for a very long time now.


I keep telling you guys I’m not as dumb as I look…