Excursion times question


Silly question, I’m sure that Disney would not set up excursions that would cause you to miss the boat…
My husband and I have booked 2 excursions for our Western Caribbean 7 day cruise.

  1. The Seven Mile Beach Break at Grand Cayman- this excursion is booked for 11:30-4:00. The boat is scheduled to leave at 4:30. I read somewhere to give ONE HOUR for tendering…does this mean we will actually leave the beach area early enough to get to the tender at 3:30 ish??
    How do they rally everyone at the beach for the trip to the boat? I don’t want to be sleeping in a hammock and miss the shuttle ( or whatever the transportation is).

  2. The Fury Catamaran Sail, Snorkel & Beach Party in Cozumel- Again, the boat is scheduled to leave at 6:30 and this excursion is scheduled until 5:55. Is it easy to get lost in a crowd and miss your shuttle??

I know, I am a worry wart…my husband tells me all the time.
Can you ease my mind on this mattter? Do the excursion tour guides keep track of everyone? take a head count?


You will be fine. You will be told when you will be leaving to go back to the ship and where to meet up. Just keep track of the time in Grand Cayman and you shouldn’t have any issues.

For Cozumel while I looked up your excursion and based on the desciption, I am guessing they will pick you up at the dock or very close to it by the catamaran and then dropped off at the same location. There probably won’t being any shuttling by bus needed.


A cruise ship will not leave you if you are on an excursion that is booked through the cruise line. If you book on your own through an outside company and are late, you can wave goodbye as your ship sails!! :laugh:


Thanks for the info!


You do not have to worry too much. As johnkimv said as long as you are booking with DCL for your excursions the boat knows where you are and will not leave without you. They are in constant radio contact with your excursion guides on the islands. All you have to do is stay with your group and enjoy the scenery.


On my honeymoom DH and I took a scuba diving excursion. We ended up being about and hour late and the ship actually started sailing (slowly). They had the dive boat pull up to the ship and we just hopped on. Otherwise, it would have taken longer beacuse we would have had to tender. It was quite comical to see our ship leaving, but they assured us that they will not totally leave without us!