Excursions Booked!


Well, my family and I have our excursions booked! After lengthy discussions about what everyone wanted to do, we all agreed on these, so this is what we have booked for our 7 day Eastern Carribbean cruise on the Disney Magic;

Anguila Dolphin Encounter - St. Maarten

Blackbeard’s Hill Tour with Shopping - St. Thomas (we’re also hoping to hook up with the family of a buddy of mine here in our shop at Westover who live on the island!)

Bike Rentals on Castaway Key…and that’s pretty much it!

I know it doesn’t seem like a lot, but the dolphin encounter, where we get to swim with dolphins (a lifelong dream of mine!) is an all day event! And we really want to just explore St. Thomas on our own for the rest of the day! hopefully with my buddy’s family! Plus, we really want to spend a lot more time exploring the ship!

We’ve booked our boys in for the Oceaneer’s Lab, as they loved it last cruise! And my wife and I also purchased the “romantic Escape At Sea” package for ourselves! This includes priority seating reservations for two at Palo (we haven’t decided on a night yet!), romantic turn down one night, champagne breakfast in bed one morning, exclusive use of the Tropical Rainforest rooms at the Vista Spa for the full 7 days! And a romantic gift basket that includes a silver picture frame, a pair of Disney Cruise Line bathrobes, a box of exclusive chocolates, and a bottle of wine! :wink:

So that’s it! Nothing left but the packing and waiting! :cool:


Congrats on the cruise, sounds like a blast! Can’t wait to do one!


Anguila Dolphin Encounter - St. Maarten

My husband and I did this same excursion last year. It was wonderful. You will also be given time to enjoy the beach in Anguila. It is well worth it. I do remember the boat ride to Anguila being VERY rough. Hope you have a magical time!!!


Waaaaahhhh :crying: I wanna go back!!

Sounds like you have great plans!!


Sounds like an amazing vacation in the works.


Sounds perfect…can’t wait to hear all about it!!!


I expect a very detailed trip report when you return! I need something to tide me over until September! :wacko:

Have a great time! Swimming with the dolphins is soooo cool!


Wow…sounds like you are gonna have a blast! Aaahhh…the Caribbean…me likey! You are gonna love Palo…don’t forget the Choclate suffle’ and The Rainforest…those heated chais lounges…wonderful!!!


Those heated chairs are what got me hooked on the Rainforest room! as well as those really neat scented showers! :cool:


I could so use the Rainforest right about now! Also some of the treatments at the spa…aaahhhh a massage!


Did you take pictures of the encounters? Or do they take them and you buy them? Also, do they video tape it for you? I’m very curious to know! Thanks! :happy:


Your plans look fabulous!


Yes, I did take pictures. I had a waterproof camera with me and kept it around my wrist. I did also purchase the pictures that they took. They take 3 individual pictures of each person with the dolphin you are swimming with. The first one they take is a “dancing” picture where you will hold both fins the second is a picture of the dolphin kissing your cheek and the third is a picture of the dolphin “kissing” you on the lips (yuck!). They are all 5x7 size. I believe they do also video but I am not sure. When you get to the Dolphin Encounter/Discovery you will be split into several different groups and will rotate activities on a time schedule. For example, my husband and I swam with the dolphins first, went to the beach and toured the facilities second and ate lunch third. It does take all day and we were so hungry by the time our group was able to eat. It is very well organized. There are a lot of things to see at the facilities (sting rays, turtles, birds, etc.). The only thing I worried about is that they do not have lockers and you have to leave your things on a bench in a basement type area. Everything was fine so I worried for nothing. Anguila was AWESOME! This has got to be one of the best excursions I have ever been on. It does take time to get to Anguila (first a boat then a bus) but it is well worth it. The only thing I did not like was missing St. Maarten. By the time we returned back to the ship, my husband and I only had an hour to spend on the island. This only gives me a good reason to go back!!! If I can figure out how to post a picture (keeps saying file is too big), I will show you pictures of what you can expect.


Wow! Thanks for the info! I can’t wait to do this! As I said, it’s been a lifelong dream of mine! I’m gonna love getting our pics!

Side note: If the picture file is too big, open up the paint program, then, while you are in “paint”, open the file folder where you have the pics. Next, click on the pic you want and put it in paint. then you choose “image” from the menu, then “stretch/skew”. It will highlight a box with “100” in it. type in “25” for both horizontal & vertical and choose save. then you just adjust it like that until you can upload the photo on DC!

Hope that helps!
(I really want to see your pics!!) :tongue: