Looking at the diffrent type of activities available at the diffrent port of calls what are the best for the following ports of call

Key West
Cast away

And if I opt out what can u do stay on ship go to town etc.


I think you would really enjoy the Passporter DCL edition. It can tell you about all the excursion and more. I love mine.

Having said that in Key West we have done a trolly tour and pirate museum on our own and they were good. Friends of ours did the butterfly place and liked it ok. We did the Kakay tour through Disney and it was ok, not as good as I was expecting.

In Grand Cayman we have done the Shipwreck and reef snorkel -good for beginners and the Sea Trek helmet dive - really good.

In Cozumel my dh did the Tulum Ruins and he liked that but it was too long of a boat and bus ride to get to the mainland.

Castaway Cay we did the stingray petting ok, ds really liked it. DD did the teen Wildside tour and liked that. Oh, almost forgot dh and dd did the parasailing and like that. Mostly on Castaway Cay I don’t really want to book anything as I like to just hang out.

Have fun planning!


I did that same cruise back in 2008 and loved it. DW and I love water activities so we have done snorkeling and stuff like that. However, something you must do in Grand Caymen is the Stingray city. Now if you have small children this may not be the best but I’ve been all over the caribbean and that place has the best experience with Stingrays.

The reason I love it so much is because every other sting ray experience in the caribbean they have them caged up in a lagoon and the barbs have been removed with makes it nice and safe for everyone. At stingray city they are live. They take you out to a sandbar off the coast and there is usually about 10 to 20 boats there and 100’s of black dots swimming all around the place. The water is about waist deep and the only basic instruction that they give you is “Watch were you are putting your feet you do not want to step on one”. The instructors pick them up and feed them. My favorite thing to do is use the snorkel and float on the water you can watch a ton to stingrays just glide right underneath you. It is awesome. My DW says that everytime we have gone they love to bump into her and looking for food and they doing mind you touching them. They have been so use to people since tourist are brought out there for years. But these are as real as they get, no cage, no barbs removed, just live and real.

I put up some pics from the last time I was there

Lastly, you will love castaway cay. I would take another small Disney cruise just to go back there. We relax in the water, snorkeled, went on Jet Ski (awesome), and took a bike ride. It is the best.