Excuse me, but


I want to go to Disney World.

ok…i had to get that out.


me, too…
lets go.

When are we leaving?


me also… someone drive over here and pick me up. :frowning:


make a detour cause i wanna go :crying:


I have an annual pass…let’s go.


Can I come? I think JetBlue is having an airfare sale right now! :wub:


I’m so ready2go :smile:


:tongue: :laugh: :laugh:

Ok who is driving?


Add Chastmastr and I to the list!!!


Hey, I’m sort of on the way! Anyone stopping by Savannah?

By the way, I’m not driving. But I’ll bring the chex mix and Disney music!


ahem, while you’re out there picking up the two David’s could you swing by my street here in Michigan and pick me up and then south of here, still in Michigan, let’s surprise LIMS and pick her up too???
Thank you very much. I promise, I’ll keep to myself and won’t bother anyone :wub:


YOu hafta promise to bother me, Dopey :wub:

I have an AP, too, Bella - lets boogie!


I want to go too! I think I will…hmmm! I think I am! Only 61 more hours to go! :tongue: :cool:


Oh i wanna go. just think of all the tour guides i’d have lol


come pay me a visit I’ll be there all weekend.


We’ll be heading in this weekend…where can we find you?


I don’t work out in the guest area’s very often. But I maybe working at the AK on tuesday, not sure what or where yet.


We won’t be going to AK until Wednesday. If you’re there, just look for a group of 14 very happy people and that will be us! hehe!



I need to see some trip plans, please!



Hah! I just realized that might of come across a little harsh! LOL!

I am actually really happy for you!