Exotic Cars Coming to Walt Disney World Speedway


Heard dad’s in Orlando will now have a chance to drive a lamborghini or ferrari at Walt Disney World Speedway… coming January 2012… not many details released yet, just this site Project Exotic

Would like to know more, but looks awesome!!!


very interesting…we were just in wdw, and DW and I noticed there were not any race cars on the trach for most of the 10 days we were there. maybe this is a way to get more interest in the wdw speedway


Oh my, DH and DS would both give their left arms to drive/ride one of those! This may be my ticket to another trip to WDW sooner than later. :wink:


Bottom line: How much and for what?


Don’t know anything about cost yet. Doesn’t say anything about that on the website. I would do it for $300 bucks though! Depending on laps/track/car/etc… it would be worth it to me and that’s not a bad price compared to other Orlando/Disney attractions!


I would love to do it…I am also in a little delema at work right now also I am trying to get on the list for uvalde trips perhaps but I am not sure as to how the DW would fell about me being gone for a week an playing on test tracks with just those types of vehicles and getting paid for it as well…So I may just have to do it at the world.


Interesting. If it has the same policies as the Richard Petty experience, I would be careful with booking.