Exotic Driving Experience


I think this sounds really cool. Much better than driving a race car slightly over the speed limit.

Disney World: Exotic Driving Experience at Disney World - OrlandoSentinel.com

$400 to drive Ferrari or Lambo or Porsche or Audi R8 might seem a little step but to rent one and then rent track time it really is a bargain. Really how many people would go through all the trouble to see what a super car is like to drive.

Anyway after much thought and discussion (ok about 15 seconds) I think I would pick the Ferrari but the Lambo is a close second. And I wouldn’t be afraid to open it up down the stretch…I might just go hang out by the track just to hear the wonderful noise of those machines.


I’m there! I wanna drive on of them… One day.


I am so eager to go and do this it is silly. I have a lifelong passion for Ferrari. This is the perfect thing to add to Disney. Disney is all about fantasy and magic and the Ferrari is definitely fantasy.


THIS is what might actually convince DH that it’s time to go back to WDW. :biggrin: He and DS loved the NASCAR experience and Indy experience. They would love this even more. I know it’s expensive but the NASCAR and Indy experiences were worth every penny for me to see the excitement in their eyes and it’s all they talked about with each other for the rest of the day. That, my friends, is priceless.


Drove the Ferrari 458 Italia last week at a preview event… breathtaking! Here’s a look at the car: Ferrari 458 Italia | Exotic Driving Experience
Perfect for Disney dads!!