Expanded Boulangerie Patisserie



That news just made my week!


Interesting to hear more. Sounds odd that there is a crane ready to work but no real details. I hope it doesn’t close for any long period of time.


Oh that is good news indeed. the place is so quaint but just too cramped


That’s really good news but I hope I can still get my ham and cheese croissant in a few weeks.


Darn, with the expansion comes its popularity. I love it being tiny and out of the way. Its our secret little hideaway. I have a feeling we won’t see our ham croissants for $3.79 anymore. They are going to have to raise prices to offset the cost of construction.


Sadly you may be right. We love how small an hidden this little gem is and seating had never been an issue. There are lots of tables around it, you just have to know where to look. I hope it doesn’t lost what we love about it with this expansion.


I think I’ll disagree about the prices going up, at least drastically because of new construction. The increased foot traffic should offset those costs as well as the fact that Disney has clearly had this planned for a while. In fact, you might see similar expansions of the rest of the smaller World Showcase CS locations. It would only make sense with so many guests on QS and regular dining plans needing counter service with expanded options.

Prices will go up, but that’s more to cover the usual factors of rising labor, utility, and commodities costs than any physical expansion. Physical expansions of all sorts are usually rolled into ticket prices and hotel room prices, depending on which side the updates are performed (parks or resorts).


I am excited to see how the expanded bakery turns out. I love that place but never enjoy the line out the door!


Out of the way???

I remember when World Showcase opened at the same time as Future World. Once we entered Epcot Center in the morning, we immediately would head to Boulangerie Patisserie where I would have a ham and cheese croissant. No waits. With the realignment of the World Showcase opening times, the Boulangerie Patisserie is mostly busy with long lines.


We’ve never tried it due to the lines.


Where are all these lines coming from? I’ve never experienced long lines there except for one night at the F&W, which the area was scary crowded. I guess its like the bus Gods, sometimes the timing is just right.


Yes, there were lines even when we went in mid November and early January. But not long enough to keep me away


Those lines are worth the wait. Although I haven’t been there since we started using the dining plan…


We’ve never had to wait too long…but it is very tight in there. One of my favourite lunches, along with a glass of wine from the little cart outside. They do make a great napoleon.


I can say the same. We have never waited long in line either, even in July. I think it looks longer that it actually is since its such a small shop.


I love the bakery…it was an inexpensive meal.


We have been there a few times even during free dining and never experienced any long lines.Must have been very lucky I guess.Their apple tarts are to die for.