Expedition Everest and Pirates of Caribbean Info Please!


I have not been to Disney since my honeymoon in Oct 2004. If you have been on Pirates of the Caribbean w/ the new Captain Jack addition or been on Expedition Everest, please let me know how it was!! I would like to know exactly HOW heart pounding Expedition Everest is… Is it really crazy, like make you sick or nervous? Just asking cause Aerosmith’s Rock n Roller Coaster almost gave me a stroke, can’t go on that again!!, lol :eek:


The new additions to POTC are awesome! Jack Sparrow is the most life like animatronic that I have ever seen. It looks just like him. I think WDW did a good job on the changes, really all they did was add things from the movie.
As far as EE goes, I think it is a really fun ride. It goes backwards which is a lot of fun, but I think it is a little short. I would’ve preferred it to be a bit longer than it is.


You’ll have NO poblems on EE. Smooth ride and no where as violent as RRC


I agree on all above accounts! In fact, I think its actually Johnny Depp in PotC and not an animatronic at all :wub:

Welcome to MB :pirate:


Welcome to MB :laugh: Floridaorange19.
Then I guess you wont be going on Mission Space :blow:
There are sites that have the rides on them if you would like to see them before riding


I haven’t experienced the new POTC yet but EE was great. Its definitely not as intense as RnR but its pretty fun. You pull a few G’s when you go backwards and the big drop but its not bad at all. All and all I will say its a really fun ride.


thank u for your replies… Was hoping to make it for 2 year wedding anniversary this October, don’t know if it’s going to be possible. But i do want to go there asap, and the anticipation is killing me… I’m always dying to go there, but when there’s new stuff - forget it, i’m a nut case :pirate:


How rude of me… WELCOME TO MOUSEBUZZ !!!


thank u, thank u for all of your welcomes. very glad to be here. DayDreamer, it was actually your post of the renovated contemporary w/ the pics that made me sign up!! i thought to myself - that is so totally cool that you can keep in the loop and talk to really great people that have inside disney scoop… I’M IN!!!


This makes me laugh. RnRCoaster violent. By Disney standards maybe. But what do I know, I eat Top Thrill Dragster for breakfast and use Millenium Force as my lullabye.


LOL - Ignore Soundgod…he’s a coaster junkie. What he MEANT to say was “Welcome to MB!” :mickey:

You’ll love EE…it’s more intense than Big Thunder Mountain, but NOTHING like RnRC.

The new pirates ride is great too. Be sure to get there to see it as soon as you can!!

AND…WELCOME to MouseBuzz!!


I haven’t ridden either one yet, but I did want to say…Welcome to MB!


Hi Florida!!! Expedition Everest is more like a bigger, better Big Thunder Mountain than it is like RnRC – It is so incredibly fun… there is so much going on inside (movies, animatronics, etc.) that you will be really enchanted! You will be glad you did!


Bring 'em on SoundGoof… :biggrin: Erin tells me you like IASW best of all. :eek:

The key here is Disney standards. Personally, I was hoping for more from EE. RnRC is no where near as smooth as many steel coasters. When I was there for the Sneak-A-Peak weekend there were riders 4 years through 74 years (REALLY). It’s the theming that really makes EE.

We are getting yet another great new coaster at BG Williamsburg which will be like Sherkra (sp?) in BG Tampa with 90 degree drops - yes I rode it opening day too. Come on up here next year and ride some REAL coasters. :blow: