Expedition Everest article in local newspaper!


Hi everyone. Our Buffalo Newspaper (escapes & getaways section) featured an article about this thrilling new ride today. It was very interesting especially in the fact that the disney creative team visited an ancient Himalayan monastery to learn the culture and bring it back to disney world to create such a unique ride. They said that this will be the boost that AK needs because it is seriously lacking in attendance compared to the other 3 parks; MK, Epcot, and Studios. I am too much of a chicken to try this new ride but I am sure my two boys will give it a whirl come December.


My son rode it three times the last week in Feb. and loved it. He called me each time and described the ride in detail. I can’t wait. One of our local radio stations is having a contest based on winning tickets to ride it on the "opening day"There is a fantastic game on virtual disney that is fun for kids or adults.


It’s a truly fantastic ride! I do hope it gives the AK the boost in attendance it deserves–it’s such a fabulous park!

By the way, I’m originally from Jamestown, NY! Hey neighbor!


I can’t wait till October, Expedition Everest here I come… I love AK thats one of our favorite parks.