EXPEDITION EVEREST (excitement & questions)!


HOLY SNAP!!! It JUST hit me that I am going to ride Expedition Everest in t-minus 8 days!!! WOOOHOOO!!! OMG, and what’s even MORE exciting is that DH STILL doesn’t even know he is going to be riding EE in t-minus 8 days!!

:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

So, let me ask you, 'cause this would be my luck… :dry:

-how has the operation of EE been going? It isn’t breaking down a lot like Test Track did in the beginning is it?

  • does it run during inclement weather?

  • oh oh oh, and I want to do it FIRST THING after we arrive, which won’t be until like 1pm by the time we get to AK. (It will be on a Thursday, the 11th) Have the fast passes been completely gone by then? What have the wait times been like?


Good questions! I could let you know in about…3-4 days!


Don’t go on EE right after lunch-I made the mistake of doing that and I was kind of queasy after that.


Have fun! Your DH is going ot be so surprised, I can’t wait to see how he reacts. Are you planning the rest of the day at AK? I’ve heard FP go pretty fast but you may get lucky and at least get one for late in the day.


I guess there’s no way of knowing whether the fps will be gone or not. We headed to it first thing in the morning and had no trouble getting on within 15 minutes. Then we grabbed a fastpass to do it again with in the hour.

It didn’t seem to breakdown when we were there (I know what you mean - I don’t think we got on Test Track for 2 years, because of breakdowns).

As for inclement weather - you’re only outside for a short time - so unless it was a complete diluge, I would think it would still run.

So, basically, I don’t know much - EXCEPT that it is one heck of a lot of fun!


Great ride. Don’t miss it.


I haven’t heard of it breaking down a lot. I haven’t been on it since the cast previews in January, so I have no idea about wait times or fast passes.

But what I do know for sure–since it does have outside portions of the ride, if there is lightning within a 2 mile radius, any outdoor attraction will shut down during inclement weather. However if it is just raining, it should still be in operation.


Luckily I have a stomach of steal!! I even went on Mission:Space for the first time after lunch and came out completely unscathed. :tongue: Still don’t like the attraction, but it definately passed the “stomach test” for me.

Wooohooo! Expedition Everest here I come!!!

I am nervous I am going to be terrified of the Yeti. I already insist on sitting on the left side of “dinosaur” b/c I hate that huge dino that gets way too close and scary. I am a BIG scaredy-cat, I even hate that “sleeping monk” AA figure in Spaceship Earth. I SWARE one day he is going to open his eyes and throw that quill pen at me and kill me. OK, I think I am going to have a slight issue with the Yeti. haha!


Yeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaa!!! I’m so excited for you! Can I come?


Yesssss…watch out for the Yeti :eek:


Have you told your DH yet? Are you going to wait until the day of the trip?


I’ve decided to tell him when he gets home from work next Wednesday, this way if he NEEDS anything from the store for the trip he’ll be able to get it that night. Our flight is 6am next Thursday so I think dropping the news Wednesday afternoon is more wise! I CANNOT WAIT to see his face!:laugh:


FP may be gone. They were long gone by mid-morning on our trip.


LOL!! That’s priceless! :happy: