Expedition Everest newspaper story & photos


There’s a good story in this morning’s Orlando Sentinel about the opening of Expedition Everest and WDW’s changing strategy to attract customers. Don’t miss clicking on the links to the EE photo gallery and the gallery of videos of the wildest rides in Orlando. The video gallery is kind of a fun way for the faint-hearted to ride all the coasters without actually riding all the coasters.


PH -
thank you for the link to the story and those great pictures. The picture of the people riding was great…the guy in the second row’s look on his face was priceless and makes me want to ride…lol I can’t wait till you get to ride it. I want to hear what you think.


Very interesting article,Park Hopper. A bunch of us will be in AK next weekend to do the AP preview of EE. I’m sure you and Mrs. Park Hopper will be going sometime during the preview. Maybe we can all hook up.


Thanks for sharing that info Park Hopper.


As plans stand right now, we’ll be there on Thursday for the preview.


Thanks for the story, PH! We’ll see ya there next weekend.


Great article - thanks!


Good read. Thanks for sharing!


Oh well,maybe next time!!!


If anything changes in our plans, Alma, I’ll let you know.


Thanks! You can tell I loved the pics… had to avatar one of them. :laugh: :laugh:


Thanks for sharing that! COOL! :cool:


Cool!!! Thanks for sharing with everyone!


Very cool article…and photos!
I surfed around a bit more on that site and ended up finding a good Eisner one and some great Walt pictures! I love that site, thanks!