Expedition Everest Opening


I just talked to a CM today when checking on my January Ressie and asked him how EE is coming along. He said that they are training CM’s and doing test runs now. I said that I hoped we could ride it in January but he said they are shooting for an April/May opening. RATS!!! :sad:


Karlie, you never know when those elusive “soft openings” can occur–keep hoping!


Yes, keep believing in the chance. Those construction guys are going to get a VERY nice bonus from Santa this year from putting it up so fast!


A fast put up ride = a soon to break ride? Just kidding but I always think twice when I hear about bonus for early construction finish for things. It is a bonus to do your job and not be lazy or a bonus to work overtime?

No matter, I’m glad it is going to be such a great ride!


Hoping with fingers AND toes crossed for a January soft-opening!!! I read your other post about the possibility and I HOPE HOPE HOPE its true!!! LOL!!

We got to see Mickey’s Philharmagic for a soft opening, it was such a great memory. Knowing we were one of the first ones to view it. We have a pin that say’s Mickey’s Philharmagic “dress rehersal”.


Hey Karli,
I don’t mean to thread jack, I just noticed you are right around the corner from your 1500th mark!!!

Your close.



Yeah, I know. I’m still trying to think of a good title. Any suggestions??