Expedition Everest ROCKS!


Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh guys!!!

Took a little walk around DAK, found the Mountain, and…well, I promised a review and here’s what I’ve got to say…MAN THAT MOUNTAIN IS COOL!!!

Please note: The following is a spoiler-free review of the ride and I refuse to ruin any surprises THAT WILL happen. Also it should be noted that the coaster will still be fixing and adding more details, coaster adjustments, etc. But for this very moment, this is “pre-opening” review. You want to know what goes on inside? DO NOT PM ME CAUSE I WILL NOT TALK. GOT TO RIDE YOURSELF! That being said…

Our journey begins in a small village at the foot of Everest. The beautiful temple, the buildings, NO details have been spared. You’re right in the middle of a small Asian village. But there’s a strange, mysterious feel and erieness to this otherwise peaceful village. All around, there’s mysterious sounds and signs. Could this be the fabled guardian of Everest, the mighty Yeti? No, it couldn’t be. He’s a myth. Yet you find yourself drug into the village deeper. Just behind the village lays the tallest mountain in the world (scaled down of course :wink: ) and looks ever so tempting to trek through to find out the mysteries of this mountain, but you mustn’t. It’s too dangerous. It’s forbidden to go up. But what’s this? An old mine train running…so of course you’ve to go check it out…and you’re off on your journey!

Once on the ride, the adrenaline’s already pumping, but nothing and no amount of reading ahead of time will prepare you for what you’ll see and hear. The ride is great, and I see why it’s so technilogically advanced and capable of. It starts off at a nice quick pace as you begin your ride in the mountain. Kind of reminded me of Big Thunder. But as you go deeper in your journey, when the darkness blinds you as your train hurls towards 55 mph, you quickly see THIS IS NOT Big Thunder…ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU’RE SUDDENLY FINDING YOURSELF GOING BACKWARDS! The sounds of the mountain and the Yeti are blood curdling as your train goes on, seemingly faster…till at last, the mountain’s guardian introduces himself…and, well, I sure hope you go to the bathroom before you ride because out of nowhere the Yeti makes himself KNOWN. Thought the Carno in Dinosaur catches you off guard :laugh: Out of the mountain you go…JUST TO BACK IN and finish your insane train ride…till you come out, around, and find yourself at the depot to leave…Ah.

I walked in expecting a lot, and I got it. A great ride. I’ll start with the queue line. Not only is it so beautiful and breathtaking, IT’S INCREDIBLY SHORT!!! I was informed that it was designed so that the maximum wait time wouldn’t exceed an hour. Hopefully it would top out at 40 minutes on an extremely busy day. You ride, and you go on with your day. The ride was great. It’s not a typical thrill ride in that it tops out at 55mph (rock n rollercoaster’s top speed) and the tallest drop is not even 90 ft. But those are more than made up with the mountain’s surprises. I wish I could talk but I refuse. The details along the queue line are wonderful and literally make you beg to go look for the Yeti and check it out. I do wish the ride would’ve gone faster…and they still make it go a little faster. I’m honestly not a huge fan of surpises, so that didn’t do for me as say greater speeds and higher drops, but I came looking for a good ride and a good time. I found both in the forbidden mountain, and all I can say is I’ll be back again…and again…and again.

Final Pre-riding Grade: 7.5 out of 10


Rowdy, excellent review. Always leaving the audience wanting more, as they say.

I can’t wait to ride it, I may have to find a way there before March.


You’re so lucky!!! Thanks so much for the report!!! And not giving away the secrets. It sounds AMAZING! I can’t wait!!


Thank you for the review, hopefully it will be open when we are there in May.


Sounds really cool!!!


You should be in great shape. It’s set to open officially in April!


Cool :cool: thank you


Cool thanks for the review. :smile:


Rowdy, you teaser!!

Any chance we’ll be able to ride it in early February, or should I abandon all hope of that happening?


Very cool!!! I’m sooo…jealous…no HAPPY for ya! Thanks for the report:)


OHH I’m SOOO excited for the AP preview in 3 weeks! Can’t wait to check this ride out. And if the suprises are more so then in Dinosaur, well let’s just say my seat might have marks when I get out of it! :eek: lol. Great review! Question though: How long was the ride?
Joe :mickey:


Thanks Rowdy! That was a great review! It sounds awesome!
Please oh please oh please be running in Feb!!!


Is the yeti too scary for kids? I know the official AP preview is Jan.26-28, but I’ll be there the week before. Any chance of me getting on???


Wow, thats’ all I can manage to say. Wow.


Thanks for the teaser! I’ll be there in May ready to ride.


Sounds Fabulous! I just have one question? How much of this ride goes backwards…please, please, PLEASE tell me it doesn’t go forward and then you go through the whole thing backwards. I have been looking forward to EE for a long time but if it does do that I can’t ride it for fear of sharing my lunch w/ everyone if ya know what I mean…lol


Rowdy :heart:

Thanks for the awesome review!!! :c)


LOL Understood and rest assured, it does NOT do that. After all, that trend has been done over and over again. Forwards, Backwards, and then forwards on a different route again is the way this bad boy goes!

And as for the Yeti karliebug, he’s really something else, but your encounter with the monster is very brief, not really enough to be “too scary” for kids. As soon as he shows up and does his job, he’s gone…or you’re gone…depending on how you look at it. LOL Yeah he’s big and bad, but it’s a quick encounter. I don’t know if it’s going to change before they actually open the attraction, but it didn’t seem too scary for kids.


ROWDY!!! YAY!!! Thanks for the review - I can’ t wait to ride in May!!! :wub:


But soft openings in February??? Maybe??? Please, Rowdy. Say yes.