Expedition Everest - the webpage!


The webpage opened up yesterday. Lots of cool stuff to see, read, and do (soon).



I still get an “Opening Soon” message! Bummer!


Thank you, Spidey :wub:


Maybe try refresh?? That is very odd. It starts right up for me. What kind of Internet program setup do you have on your computer? i.e browser, provider, computer make, modem


Just saw where bali beat me to posting this. Oh well. :pinch:


Thanks for the line now I’m even more pumped about our March trip! This rocks!! I really hope we get to ride it.


Thanks spider!! I can’t wait till october…I am going to ride that thing to death.


Way cool! thanks Spidey


Soooo cool!!! Thanks Spidey! :wink:


Looks pretty cool, maybe DW and myself come out of retirement for this one! :happy:


Thanks Spidey It says and I have been reading about it that it will have a early 2006 opening. Anyone know about when in 2006 the opening will be?


thanks spidey for the info.

the three musketeers Jeany, Erin, Ingamba.


Thanks for the link wdwspider!

Oh, and by the way, I love your new avatar! Spider-man is, and has been since I was 8 years old, a big hero of mine!


We got to go behind the scene this weekend, but they were filming a comercial while we were there so we could not get too close. It looked awesome.


I was there yesterday and the castmembers were giving out business cards with the web page on it. One CM said it will open the first week of April and another said the end of March.
I would love to go for the AP preview weekend. Hey, the lottery is up to 30 something million…


Im getting excited even more now We will be there the last week of march into the 1st week of April. I hope that its open by then If not im going to have to tell DH that we are going to have to go back sooner :huh:


From what I hear, they really are trying to get it open in March so they could have it open for the Spring Break crowds.


mouseplanet is reporting that, while the official opening date remains in April, they’ll probably have a soft opening sometime in February.


The Webiste is up with Episode 1 of the game in full swing. PLaying the game unlocks ride footage. Only Episode 1 is avaiable. Upon completion of episode 1 you get a movie featuring the ride. You are onboard to where the train is what I suspect getting ready to go backwards.


You forgot to mention the pin code for VMK that you win as well.

The game is simple but entertaining. The mirror scene is… uh… unexpected. lol