Expedition Everest


Will I be able to ride this during the week of Feb12- Feb17th? What do I need to do to ride if it is not open to everybody?



Since soft openings aren’t announced, your best bet is to just go to the entrance of the ride, ask if they’re doing a soft opening and if you can ride. No telling if they’re testing that week or not. Good luck.


I hope it works for you!!! :c)


Just have a $20 bill neatly folded in your hand, shake the CM’s hand and tell them “gee… I’d really like to ride this” :whistling


Thanks. I will do my best to ride, especially after viewing the ride on


What a ride!!! :slight_smile:


GEez I justwannna know what happens in the dark . . . and how fast in the dark . . . I’m sucha wuss


Really good ride. Great theming - take that away and just have the track and it would be a good ride, but not a fantastic ride. Nice and smooth.

Not to worry…either you will escape or the YETI will be quick with you.

In and out of mountain. Don’t want to say too much and spoil it. Worth doing!