Expedition Everest


Has anyone played the EE game on virtual Disney? It is easy but I enjoyed it. I have done one and two and have number three to go! :tongue:


The game that you download? Yes I’ve played all three episodes. Yes I also enjoy them!


Yes, it is the one you download and then it takes you to VD for some kind of “prize” but it is fun!


Side bar -
Leslie it is so good to see you on here. I missed you my friend. :wub:


Thank you my sweet dear friend. I love it here, sometimes I am just a little too down to post, but when I come back I am so glad! :wub:


Next time you are down, email me. I am always here for you. You should know that. :heart:


Leslie, the third installment of the game is out. I just played and won a"Everest Ride Car Couch" for my room on VMK.
I won something else for the first two but lost the code, so I am out of luck.
I am on my way over to VMK to put my couch in the right spot. Maybe queensmama will be on and I’ll show her. hehehe


I’ve downloaded the games as well and think they are pretty fun, especially if you play with out the cheats turned on. And of course the codes for VMK stuff is an added bonus!