Expedition Everest


I’ve got a five year old, a nine year old, and an eleven year old… How would they do on Expedition Everest. My 11 yr old is not so sure about it. Thanks:blow:


I have a 7 year old daughter and she absolutely loved it!! She also loves Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain. I definitely think it has a lot to do with the child. We were there this past August when my daughter rode it and I was waiting for her to come off the ride in the gift shop (my stomach was nervous for her :blow: ) but when she got off with her uncle she was running to get in line again (thank goodness we had extra fast passes!!).

My question to you would be what is the most thrilling ride your children have been on at Disney? How did they react? I would have to say that it is most definitely not for someone with a weak stomach.


My 5 year old says “I liked it but the Yeti was a little bit scary.” He says he would definitely go on it again. “My favorite part was the fastest part. We have to be going as fast as possible!”

His very favorite ride at Disney or anyplace else in the universe is Test Track, to give you an idea of where he’s coming from.


My six year old daughter who tried rides for the first time this year and she loved it!!


My youngest daughter rode it when she was 6 and she loved it. The Yeti can be a little scary for little ones though. EE looks intimidating but it is far from a monster coaster.


Oh my! I didn’t know you had children! Accourding to that YouTube link you posted in your signature with your profile it says you are only 16!!! :ohmy:


Hmmm… this could be interesting… I think it might be time for some popcorn!


Disney’s not going to build something kids could never ride. Each child is different though and I won’t tell you what is the best for each of your kids.


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I was thinking the same thing… are you sure you’re an adult. I looked at your freewebs site, and you seem very… umm… youthful(?). Are they your kids?

Okay, anywho…

It really depends on the kids. Some love thrills and can’t get enough. Other’s wouldn’t go near a rollercoaster. Let the child decide if he or she wants to try it. Sure, you can persuade a little. “You might really like it, Billy. You never know until you try. I love rollercoasters.” But after they have experienced it once, don’t force them on it again until they’re ready. I think it’s the forcing kids on rollercoasters when they’re young that creates the long-term fear.

Short anecdote: I have several friends who are coaster-scared. We were at Carowinds two summers ago, and I decided that I was going to convince my thrill-shy friend (hadn’t been on a rollercoaster since he was 6!) onto Carolina Cyclone. I got him to wait in the line with me, and when it was time to load the vehicle, I got in front, jammed him down in the seat, and locked the safety restraint (Carowinds employees are very lax… a bunch of high school and college kids… nothing like Disney). Well, he threw up all over me. As soon as the ride stopped, he bolted for the trashcan. They had to clean out the car and everything. And I had vomit all over me :blow: (I deserved it… :blush: but luckily for me, another dear friend lent me his undershirt. I threw my shirt away.).

So… everyone is different. And if your child doesn’t want to go on EE, there’s probably a reason. However, if the kid is all for it, don’t hold him back! And if for some reason he doesn’t like it, buy him a Mickey Mouse ice cream, and he’ll soon forget the torture (well… maybe not).


haha, well they built Alien Encounter and that thing came and went as fast as an ice cream cone on a hot summer’s day. :laugh: I have a feeling that wasn’t one kids were really meant to ‘ride.’ :laugh:

You are right though Soundgod, they rarely construct attractions that aren’t friendly to those tall enough to ride them.


The 11 year old will be fine… the ride is NOT as overwhelming as you think it will be, and the ride itself is amazing!


I think the only one who might have a problem is the 5-yr old…assuming they are tall enough to ride!!!

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LOL… Wishy and Andrea, y’all crack me up. And anyway, wouldn’t you say this calls for Junior Mints? :laugh:


Snowcaps anyone?


Snowcaps are definately more appropriate when discussing Expedition Everest!


My 9yr old finally got to courage to ride EE this past Aug (after we all threatened her! J/k! :laugh:), and she loved it!!!
Although she closed her eyes when the Yeti came out but she is a scarey larry when it comes to those type of things! She keeps her eyes closed during Dinosaur too. I taught her if anything scares her to just close her eyes!!! The ride itself was fine!!! I have heard of little ones from here on MB going on and Loving it!!! The only ride I can’t get my DD to go on @ WDW is TOT and that is because she HATES drops!!! She dont like SM too much either because of that last drop and she hates getting splased on a ride!

Ohhhh yeah…WHERE"S THE SNOCAPS??? :tongue:


My 8 year old LOVES it!!! That is all he talks about doing when we go! He had just turned 7 the first time we rode it. My 5 year old is finally tall enough so this November will be her first trip on EE, Space and I think we have her talked into ToT! Her very favorite ride ever is Test Track and the first time she rode that she was not quite 4. My kiddos are pretty adventurous!


I’ve got friends with six your old twins that have no problems getting on SheiKra at Busch Gardens. But, my brother’s nine and ten year olds won’t go anywhere near something as tame as Big Thunder Mountain. The obvious answer would be to gauge how your kids would respond to other coasters. Everest isn’t terrifying in any way.


I think that there are more than a few kids who think that the ride IS terrifying. One of my sons will ride RnR all day long, but won’t ride EE again (or “until I’m 17”). My other son puts EE as his favorite ride.