Experience with Christmas & Easter?


Okay, the minds are made up. We’ve decided to forego the family cruise and do WDW again for seven days. (DH and I decided we’d do an anniversary cruise W/OUT DS :wink: in a few years.) Anyway, anyone out there who has done both a Christmas trip AND an Easter trip?? Wondering what your thoughts/experiences/advice would be. We’ve done Easter. Crazy crowds but we really were okay with it all. We’re trying to decide if Christmas is worth trying this time around. DS will want to swim, so I’m guessing we’ll have to take that into consideration, right? All thoughts appreciated!


My vote is DEFINATELY Christmas. I haven’t been for Easter in about 10 years but the crowds can be comparable both holidays… BUSY BUSY BUSY. The only reason why I vote Christmas instead of Easter is b/c all of the holiday fanfare DEFINATELY makes the crowds seem less cumbersome. It’s cooler then too. I have been able to swim during Christmas time at Disney b/c most resort pools are heated. Be prepared though, especially with children. Bring warm and comfortable coverups/towels for quick dashes back to your room after getting out of the heated pool. For the most part it usually is fine though.


I agree. I’ve been during both holidays and the crowds were the same to me. I could just handle them better during Christmas because of the cooler temperatures. Plus, the decorations are out of this world.


We have been at WDW at both times also. Well we left WDW on 12/24. We were also there the weekend of Easter. I agree with the others. The weather is cooler and that makes waiting in line much more bearable.Plus I love the Christmas Decorations! It feels much more magical at Christmas than Easter.
However something that was really neat at Easter, was the Easter Egg hunt. I think they do it at deluxe resorts only. We were at the Poly and the Easter Bunny and Daisy and Donald in their Easter outfits were there. There were areas roped off by age group and TONS of candy to collect. DD was 3 or 4 when we did this and she thought it was pretty cool.
But given the choice, I would pick Christmas!


I have done Easter…never, never, never again. Enough said.


Aw, come on. It couldn’t have been that bad! I’ll bet if it was a FREE vacation, you’d go! :biggrin:

Thanks for all of the thoughts so far. We arrived the day after Easter and stayed the week. It was crowded but I can only think of one day that the crowds were annoying. The rest was tolerable. Christmas does sound intruiging, though. I’m just so afraid it will be too cold for DS to enjoy the pools.


CHRISTMAS!!! trust us!! hehe!