"Expert Question"


Leaving in 6 days … and still have a few questions.
Our plan is to catch the Early Morning Hours by going to the park that has them… We are kinda morning ppl any how. After lunch or right before… Head back to the hotel (POFQ) for a break. Shower. Pool. Whatever. Then head over to the park with Late Magic hours to eat (I have ADR’s) and spend the rest of the night or until we cannot walk anymore…

My question is if we do make it until midnight or whatever. Waking up at 7:00 to catch early magic hours in the morning might not happen 7 days in a row…

SO… If we wake up late (an hour or two) and miss the rope drop say Thursday and MGM had the Xtra Morning hours on Thursday. Should we stay away from MGM and head over to another park? Seeing that most people have the same plans as us… Meaning MGM will problably be the most packed on that morning?

Suggestions ?


If you miss the park EMH, stay away from it. You are entering a crowded park. I would schedule yourself a late morning or two after doing EMH in the evenings to work this out. This way you aren’t burning both end of the candles the entire trip. You could even start out later after an evening EMH night and just do shows at MGM or AK to give yourself a break. It’s vacation after all. you don’t want to need recovery time after a trip.


What Dana said :wink:


I agree, if you miss rope drop in a park that has EMH skip that park. You will be walking into a crowded park that has had a long time for queues to build. We like to do a few morning EMH but we can’t do it for a week straight, the nights are just too late to get up so early each day.


Yup, what they all said! Avoid the crowded park!


You nailed it. People tend to stay in the park they hit for EMH until they’ve had their fill.

Your plan is perfect except for one thing: go back mid-day and NAP! :laugh:
It helps with being able to do both early morning and late night.


I agree - either do EMH or stay away from that park!


Absolutely! Everything they said! You’re on FIRE, Jonesy! You got this down! You’ll have a blast!



Were SOOOOO excited. My son is 6. I will be turning 30 while we are there… This is our first family vacation… (without any other family members)



Have a great time and Happy Birthday to both you and your DS!!


Jones, you will have a BLAST!!! Remember to get birthday buttons for the BOTH of you…wear them every day of your trip, if you like! You’d be surprised at how much attention you will get! And also note it on any ADRs you have made…you could get a nice birthday cupcake, a placemat, a card signed by all the characters…GO FOR IT!!!

And yes, what they said! Unless you make it at rope drop to the park with EMH that morning, SKIP THAT PARK and go somewhere else!!! :wink:


The only way around this is to do what I have sometimes done. Go to the morning EMH park, but leave by 9:30 or so. Do breakfast then or just move over to another park for a little while. My only caveat is that sometimes you won’t be able to get a bus back to your destination right away as Disney Transport dynamically dispatches buses, and they are more concerned with getting guests from the resorts to the parks. If that happens, look for a Disney Transport dispatcher and let them know you need to return to your resort. Otherwise, you can use Transport to hop over to another park.