Explain this: Why are bunk bed rooms higher?


So, I’ve been looking over the pricing at the deluxe resorts. Why are standard bunk bed rooms more expensive than standard rooms? Please explain it, it just doesn’t make sense to me. I mean the only differene is that rather than 2 queen beds you have 1 queen and 1 bunk, right?


I’d like to know the answer to this one also.

I did book a room though with bunk beds at WL. I figure it’s worth the price, each of my kids has their own bed, no more fighting at night that one’s on the others side or I want to sleep with mom or dad tonight. I think it will make for much better sleeping all around.


Comfort…or they consider it a perk of sorts to have your children in two seperate beds. Got me…Back when I stayed at AKL it wasn’t an extra. They actually offered both options to you when you checked in. Perhaps the demand for the bunk bed rooms made them harder to get so they figured they should charge for them:dry:


More work, more laundry and convenience is what you’re paying for. How much more?


Good point on the work and laundry…wasn’t thinking. It’s a combo of both our answers than, but your’s makes more sense.


I think you may be right Dana. I think that Disney realized that parents would pay extra for this. Like with me, I have a DD and DS so seperate beds will be awesome, once Aidan is big enough to sleep in one! :laugh:

Any one else got a theory?


When we were at WL in December we had a bunk bed I did not request this. I have one son who is 13. He said it was the most uncomfortable bed. He hated it when I took a look at it I realized it was a mattress on a wooden boards. We were only at WL for three days and then moved over to the comtemporary. He was much happier


There are less bunk bed rooms than dual bed rooms, I imagine. The bunk bed rooms are considered an upgrade of sorts as well, so they can charge more.


My opinion is that there is more usable floor space in a room with bunk beds vs. 2 queens. More floor space is a very valuable commodity for certain families, and they will pay more for it.


I like the combo :laugh:


Id say because people will pay more for it?.. They will charge what people will pay…