Extra 2007 points must be used


Hi all! I THINK I have an extra 50 points that must be used by the end of September or I lose them. What are my options? I need to confirm that this is true but if I do am I able to transfer them to another DVC member for them to extend their vacation? Can I rent them out? Can I trade? What are the options?


Hi, Nokey,

If they are 2007 points, I would recommend banking them into 2008 so you’re not rushed into a decision. If they are not bankable points, I would recommend renting them for $10-$12 per point. If you post them in the section below this one, they’ll probably be snatched up pretty quickly. I wish, for your sake, I needed more points for my trip in :heart::mickey:19 days, but I have all I need for that. Good luck:wub: