Extra Day at WDW


OK long story short. My DW & DS are headed to WDW 12/15. DW was looking for airline tickets and found an early flight from Rochester, NY. Great they will be in Disney by noon. Flight leaves at 6:20am have to be there 2 Hr’s prior 4:20am and we live 1 1/2 hr’s away now 2:50am we have to leave. DW decides to spend the night at the Holiday Inn and take their shuttle to the airport. I sugested leaving on 12/14 evening and stay in WDW instaed of the crappy Holiday Inn.
Worked out great they will arrive WDW around 8pm and they now have direct flights down and back.


Could you have flown out of Buffalo NY?


They could have flown from Buffalo, but that is even farther of a drive for us. Were in Corning and we have the Elmira airport right here but it is a small airport and does not offer many options.


And THAT is the way to plan a trip. :happy:


It was funny seeing the name ANDREA. That is my DW’s name


my opinion more days the better…that is smart thinking…