Extra day=Free dining?


I called this morning to add a day to the front end of our trip in Sept. So, we are flying down on 9/25. Our original arrival date was 9/26. We have park hoppers with water fun and more tickets. When I spoke to the CM this morning, she said that we could use our PH tickets to visit DisneyQuest the evening of the 25th. Does that sound right? She said the since we have the water fun and more option, that if we used the tickets for DisneyQuest that evening, it wouldn’t eat into our visits to the parks later on in the week. I wouldn’t be very happy to use a ‘day’ from our tickets for couple of hours at Disney Quest. Has anyone had this happen to them before?


Oops! I just realized that the title of this thread doesn’t match the thread! Sorry guys, I was just confused!:rolleyes: :blush:
I would still love to hear responses about the original post, not the title!:laugh:


With the Water Park Fun & More Option, you can choose to visit one (1) of the following attractions in exchange for (1) PLUS visit:

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park
Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park
Downtown Disney® Pleasure Island**
Disney Quest® Indoor Interactive Theme Park
Disney’s Wide World of Sports® Complex***

**Certain age restrictions may apply for access to certain facilities.
***Except for activities/events that are separately priced.

The following denotes the number of PLUS visits included with various length of stay tickets:

3-Day Disney ticket ……You Get THREE (3) Water Park, Fun & More visits
4-Day Disney ticket ……You Get FOUR (4) Water Park, Fun & More visits
5-Day Disney ticket ……You Get FOUR (4) Water Park, Fun & More visits
6-Day Disney ticket …… You Get FIVE (5) Water Park, Fun & More visits
7-Day Disney ticket …… You Get SIX (6) Water Park, Fun & More visits
10-Day Disney ticket … You Get SIX (6) Water Park, Fun & More visits

Therefore, you would not be using one of your park tickets, you would be using a PLUS visit. How often are you planning on visiting the water parks, Pleasure Island, etc.???


Doesnt free dining end on Sept 20?


Technically, but if the first day of your trip is Sept. 20 or before, you can extend FD! For example, I am going to be there from Sept. 19 - Sept. 28 with FD!