Extra Evening Hours at Epcot Question


When Epcot is listed as having Extra Magic Hours in the evening, does this mean that Future World will remain open past its normal hours?

Also, in regards to EMH Evening hours at all parks, is there a way to determine how many hours later the park will be open? I know they say up to 3 hours, I am just trying to find out if it is 1, 2, or 3 more hours.



Some of the rides will remain open. You can check on the website to see what exactly is open for both EMH in any of the parks.


What website has the ride that remain open


It is the disneyworld website. Walt Disney World Resort - Detecting Browser Properties . . .
If you go down to the wnd of the webpage it will tell you what rides are opened.


Evening EMH has always been 3 hours when I’ve been there. Future World usually closes at 7:00, so it should be open until 10:00.


Took the words from my mouth…exaclty what I was going to post…lol


It has always been three hours after park closing. You can check the calendar on the WDW web site to see what the park hours are for the days that you are there. I believe there is six or seven months of calendars available for viewing. Right now you can see through April 2008.


We did EMH at Epcot last year and found that a lot of the rides in Future World had very long lines. . .longer than on regular days.


LOVE the EMH at Epcot. We do our “pub crawl” then. I’m usually pretty toasted (no, not stupid drunk, it is Disney after all) by the time we make it all the way around but I’m going to have to be careful with all the extra drinking opportunities the F&W festival offers.


No, on EMH nights all of Epcot closes at Midnight. There are select Future World attractions that are open until park close, every night. Mission Space, Soarin’, and Test Track are all open until 9 PM every night. Can you imagine the riots if they weren’t?

Living with the Land, Mission: SPACE®, Soarin’, Spaceship Earth, Test Track
Includes attractions listed above and Honey, I Shrunk the Audience, Journey Into Imagination With Figment, Mexico-Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros, Norway-Maelstrom, The American Adventure

Sunshine Seasons is also open except for the grill until park close.


Thanks, Soundgod! Would EMH Evenings at Epcot be the ideal time to catch Illuminations? I am thinking that if the park remains open after the show, getting out of the park will be a lot easier. Do you think it works out that way?

By the way, I downloaded your Illuminations production and enjoyed it very much. Great work.


I think its a great night to see illuminations and then go and see stuff in the park on EMH nights


I’m the wrong person to ask when the ideal night to catch Illuminations would be. These forums and threads are lousy with my posts about catching two and sometimes three different fireworks shows in one night. They’re the major reason I spent so many days in WDW in the last year. To me, every night is a perfect night.
But you asked about EMH and it allowing you to get out of the park easier. I think it’s a toss up. There are still going to be at least 15,000 people or more that are heading out to buses and monorails at closing. If you are in no hurry on a regular night, you can dawdle for a good half hour to miss the crowd crush as buses and monorails continue to run until 10:30. I know this isn’t the answer you hoped for, but I’ve found that every family is different, and every night is different, so what works great for one, is a worst case for someone else.

Glad you enjoyed my videos. Thanks for the compliment.


Thanks for the info, that’s good to know. :smile:


No problem.

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Yes, and No…
The EMH days at all parks are more crowded than days that do not offer EMH. Illuminations will have a larger audience but if you plan your time right and scope out a spot about an hour or so before the show you will be fine.

The yes part of this equation is if you can stick it out to the very end of EMH you will almost have the whole park to yourself (or so it seems) Dave and I always make sure to rest up and stay til the very end of EMH at any park…most of the families will leave shortly after the fireworks and usually the ride wait times are low.


We did Epcot EMH in Jan. After Illuminations, the lines were very long to start with but quickly shortened. We left about 30 minutes before it closed and had no wait for a bus, there were only about 10 of us on our bus.


I felt that the lines get worse after the park closing! Many times I now go opposite the EMH.


You have to ride out that first hour. After that, waits grow smaller.
The exception is during the summer. I’ve been in the Studios after midnight and still faced 30 and 45 minute waits on the star attractions.


Yes, this was our experience this summer as well, at MGM and at Epcot.