Extra Magic Activities


Last fall we felt we had to come up with some “new” things to do - we found lots, did a few and our favorite “new” thing to do at WDW is go to the Chip and Dale Campfire and Movie at Fort Wilderness.

Well, the planning has begun for our Fall Disney Extravaganza and while we love our favs, we also like some variety, so tell me your favorite activities, whether in or out of the parks, (though on Disney property) that you like to do. Can be paid, but the expensive things like the Race Car driving and such you can leave out - no way we are paying out the big bucks when there is so much to do that is included.
I would prefer just the Disney things that your family likes to do…for example, I love that Bella and The Dave find all the Indian statues in MK - most people dont even see them!):eek:



We like to resort hop to all the monorail resorts and we like to find penny press machines that we haven’t on trips in the past.


There’s night vision goggles at AKL to view the animals at night.


What;s that like, is it cool? We had planned on it, but didnt make it.

What about other stuff at Ft. Wilderness? Like the carriage rides, etc? Anybody done them, what did you think?


Have you ever watched the water parade from the beach at FW? Bring some lawn chairs and a bag of microwave popcorn, and you’ve got yourself a fabulous evening. :happy: