Extra Magic Hours and 'Drinking around the world'


Me and my DH where wondering if all the places you can get drinks from in the world showcase are open during evening extra magic hours?

Looking at our plans we would have to fit it in after one of our evening ADRs as we don’t want to turn up for a meal a little worse for wear and drinking on an empty stomach is not good! :blow: :blush:

This is something we want to have a shot at this time as we don’t have any children to worry about (except each other!!)

We didn’t do the extra magic hours at Epcot on our last trip so we have no idea.


When we were there last year the EMH applied only to the Future World section of Epcot. The World Showcase pavillions closed at 9 as usual. So this really means EMH only goes to 10 if the FW part of the park normally closes at 7PM. I would love to cruise the pavillions for a “drink around the world” through to midnight… do you think a petition would work?


Well as of a few months ago, the alcohol stands were all open during EMH at Epcot. Why do I know this? Because I was drinking around the world during EMH. :mickey:


I don’t think I would make it, but it would sure be fun to try it…lol I’ll have to add drinking around the world to my trip plans…lol DBF can help. :wub:


Thanks We will try our best to drink all the way around the world! I knew someone would know the answer!


A week from tomorrow DW and I will be drinking arounf the world during EMH!!!


Have a great time!


Any of you need a drinking buddy? :cool: :whistling


I’m going to try Epcot’s EMH next Friday. Although I won’t be imbibing,I will report on what stands are open!!


I guess I assumed all the good stuff was closed when I was told the “pavillions” were closed. Thanks for this news break, now I have to rethink my plans - “Kids! We’ll meet you at the gate later!” (Don’t worry, their big strapping 16 yr olds!.) :laugh:


I don’t know that I can drink my way around the world but I am planning on having at least one! :laugh: :mickey:


I can’t drink.


We will be there that night as well. Cinco de Mayo!!! DW is looking forward to a woodpecker cider from Yorkshire Fish Shop. Then off to France!!!