Extra Magic Hours and Shades of Green


I was talking to a fellow USAF member this week who is in the DVC and headed to WDW on Saturday (I am very jealous :frown: ), and he told me that he had read on another board that Shades of Green is no longer participating in the Extra Magic Hour program! He also stated that the parks are getting much more strict about allowing people in early/staying late!! Has anyone else heard about this or experienced the room key checks at the parks? I have reservations for SoG in December, and this may cause me to have to replan for another property. :confused:
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I know that Shades of Green is no longer participating in the Extra Magic Hour Program as of 1/1/2006. :sad:


For early morning hours you have to show/use your room key and for evening hours they swipe you room key and give you a wrist band.

This happened to us every time we used EMH.


It is true, SoG decided it wasn’t worth the money they had to pay to have the option for guests.

You will need to be a resort guest to enjoy EMH. When we stayed at Shades we had to show our ID to get at the TTC before we were even allowed to get on the monorail. We also had to show our resort ID to get the wrist band for evening EMH.

Sorry about that.


On another board I just saw a post about Disney and Shades reaching an agreement and EMH was back at Shades of Green. I would call and talk to the manager at SOG to verify this info though. Hopefully for all wanting to stay at Shades of Green, they bring EMH back b/c I have seen a lot of people cancel their reservations after the No EMH announcement was made.


That would be great…oh how a lot of people canceling their reservations can make them think twice. :smile:


Well that is good to hear that they may bring it back. We were considering staying there this year, unless we decide to do the dining plan again.


They have brought it back again, website should refelct it tomorrow.


I just read on another board that after 2 weeks of talks Disney and SoG have reached an agreement, EMH will return for SoG resort guests. This agreement shoud run through the end of 2006


I’m not sure if this is official but SoG guests may now have to pay the $9 for parking at the parks.


Did you find the news about SoG on its website or the WDW site? Just wondering where I can look for the latest info.
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The $9 is true!! I am sooo bummed about it. We are staying at the end of April/beginning of May at SOG. I didn’t know about them cancelling / hopefully reinstating the EMH. But I asked about parking. $5 per day to park in THEIR lot (w/out valet). And $9 a day to park at the Disney theme parks (you get a ticket or something to change parks so you don’t have to pay at each park). I think this sucks. Yeah, Disney doesn’t HAVE to do anything. But what’s their problem?? SOG holds an isignificant amount of guests compared to the trillions ALL of the Disney hotels (including DVC resorts) hold. I could see if they only let Deluxe Resort guest park free or something. But when they let EVERYONE, it’s just plain mean of them to not let SOG as well. :angry:


But the $9 only applies if you drive yourself and don’t use the park trans from SoG to the TTC, correct? I had not heard about the $5 per day to park at SoG. Did I just miss it on their website?
Prezcatz Paul


The $9 fee is what you get charged if you drive your POV to the parks and park your car in their lot. If you take the resort transportation(bus or boat) there isn’t a charge.

SOG does charge a fee if you park your POV in their parking garage on resort property. The amount is listed on their website…I just saw it a few days ago when browsing their site.


You do not have to pay nine dollars to park at the parks. It is free for SOG guests. You do have to pay five dollars to park in the parking garage at SOG. And the reason that SOG stopped the EMH for a while was it was going to cost SOG over 200,000 a year for it when it used to be free from disney. But disney and SOG came to an agreement. Which was very good news to me because I only like to stay at SOG (love it) but I had to have EMH!


There is also a outside parking lot maybe 50-100 yards from SOG entrance. And we have never had to pay for parking at any of the four parks and thats as recent as this past December.


Would any of you military folks know if on other bases or locations we can get PAP’s even cheaper than SOG? I thank you kindly for any information!