Extra Magic Hours for 3/30-4/4/08?


Is it possible to find out the extra magic hours for these dates this far out? :confused:

I did book the Castle breakfast this morning, woot woot!! My 3 & 7 yr old will be so surprised! :wub: My 12 yr old will be happy too. :happy:


I think you’re jumping the gun a bit here :laugh:

I think you can only look ahead about 3 months.


Jumping the gun? ya think? :laugh:

We had to reschedule our trip (we were going to go over Thanksgiving this year) … so yeah, I’m a little excited to get our Spring trip planned. It’s been 4 yrs!!! That’s an eternity for a Disney addict! :wacko:


Try the oficcial WDW web site. I think they have park hours and EMH out through April 08.


Yes! Thank you! LOL, I get so caught up here, that I forget to look at the official site every now & then. :laugh:


You’re right, who would have thunk? :laugh:

pamzee, I am in the same boat as you. I had to wait 3 years to finally make it back. It’s pure misery, isn’t it? :crying:


It really helps to have the EMH before making ADR’s! Wouldn’t that make sense?? Especially for breakfast.


errrr…no, it doesn’t matter one bit to me. I guess I do it differently :closedeye


EMH hours are listed about 6months in advacne as soon as the park hours are up for that month.


:goofybounce: It wont be much longer and May will up. :goofybounce: