Extra Magic Hours til 2am?


If the park operating hours for MK are til 11pm and this night is an extra magic hour evening, then is it open for these guests until 2am?


That’s right. EMH are 3 hours after closing!

Welcome to DC! :flowers:


As much as I love the MK,I can’t imagine being there til 2 in the morning!!!


EMH at MK are amazing! Last year DH and I stayed til 2 am twice in one week. It was great, and we got a lot done. The lines aren’t that bad either. It was very magical.


OMG the thought of MK being open that late makes me salivate! :eek: :heart:

I’ve only gone in the off-season (May or September) and there have never been EMH nights when we’ve been there. In fact, whenever we go in September, the MK is only open until 6! :noo:


I can! I did it for the first time this past May and I loved it but they closed at midnight. I was just gettin warmed up. hehe :tongue:


We just returned and spent two nights in MK until 2PM.


I can totally envision it too! :biggrin: I’m such a park commando, I’d still be rearin’ to go at that time of night!


I would totally love to be at MK at 2am. I’m a total night owl. We usually go to WDW in Jan. when it closes at 7pm, way too early for me!!!


I was going to say - we loved staying until 12:00 AM last month!!!

AND - where is your TR DayDreamer!!!..we are all waiting - and don’t yoiu dare forget the pictures! :angel: :heart: :flowers:


Xmas day in 2005 the park had EMH regular closing time midnight, EMH till 3AM!


O.k I will have to get to work on one. Been draggin my feet on it.


I would absolutely love to stay at the Magic Kingdom till all hours of the morning!!!


Me, too! I just don’t think my 4 year old and 1 year old would appreciate me dragging them around while they slept… :dry:


We’re night owls. Bring it!


Just got back from WDW. The EMH at MK till 2am was great!!! Caught all the busy rides at 1am with no lines.



Last summer I made it from open til 1 am at MK with 3 teenagers!!! :eek: (we’ll try it again NEXT WEEK!!! whoo hooo!!)