Extra Magic Hours


I have a queston… Do any of you recommend using the Extra Magic hours when staying at WDW? I was gonna make my schedule according to the extra hours but dont know if this is a good idea. Help!!


We have never used the extra evening hours, but we live by the extra morning hours. We have been following the same schedule for years. We go to the early entry park. I really feel that we ride more in the first couple of hours than any other time of the day. After lunch, we usually leave that park and take a break. Swimming at the resort or something. Then we go to a different park in the afternoon/evening. The early entry park does get very crowded after a few hours. So, I am a big advocate of the extra morning hours. Hope you have a great trip.


If you like morning extra hours, you’ll love Magic Kingdom after the crowds leave and you can ride without waiting, as long as you can keep your eyes open.


What park would you recommend for the first day???


It really depends on when you are getting there. We are going in Aug. We usually drive to Orlando so when we arrive on a Sun. night, we stay outside of the park. Then we will check into the hotel early Monday morning and go to the park with early entry. This time, Animal Kingdom has early entry so we will go there first. Which is fine with us because we dying to try Expedition Everest anyway. I know alot of people prefer to go to MK first. Do you have kids that are just dying to get anything in particular first? If you are starting in the afternoon then just go to the one you were wanting to see the most. Let me say that the reason we haven’t used the Extra Evening Hours before is because we have young children. Once the fireworks are done, they are ready for bed. Also the time of year that you are going makes a difference too.


I planned our trip around the info from the ‘Unoffical guide’. My guys like the evening hours - LOVE the eveing hours - So our plan works with them. You should red the book, there is so much advice here.


We liked and used the am magic hours


I know we’ll be going to AK for their extra evening hours (on a Monday in June, I believe). When we went last April it seemed like everyone from CBR got on the bus that had the early morning hour, whereas we went to another park with regular hours, and were always one of the first thru the turnstyles. One day we were on a totally empty bus to Epcot! Go figure!


Could never get the guys out of bed for the AM hours, but we are planning around and looking forward to the PM hours… Our first full day will be MK till 1 AM! Can’t wait.


We use both. We went on April 2 to MK for the night hours and had a blast. It was just my DH and myself and once the fireworks went off everyone left and we had the park to ourself’s until 2am.


We used all the PM EMH in September. We definately couldn’t make the AM hours! I found the crowds to be great, but then again, it was September!


I rarely use the EMH at all. I usually avoid the park that is having them. I get to the park of choice for the day at rope drop and haven’t had issue with that set up. I have done EMH in the evening at MGM and MK and it was cool to try it, but I don’t think it’s a must do for us.


The best morning expierences we had with EMH have always been at the MK.
We are able to hit everyting with miminal waits, have a nice lunch, and be out of the park by 12 or 1.


We were at MK last June and used the evening EMH. It was great, we rode Big thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain and Space Mountain about 6 time each. The only thing that held us back was walking back thru the line to get on the ride again. Our group was made up of 4 adults and 3 kids ages 7, 9 and 11. We stayed till 2 a.m. and then slept in til 10 a.m. that morning, swam at the hotel and went to Epcot for the EMH that night. We will be living by the EMH schedule this May/June for 2 weeks. We are night owls so the EMH is a God send!! Try them and you may never do the park in the early morning again.


We love the nighttime EMH’s!! It’s cooler, lines are usually shorter because most of the folks with little ones leave at a decent time along with the folks that have been in the park since opening that day. We usually get ALOT done…the later the better! :cool: We’ve only done the early EMH at Typhoon Lagoon, and loved it! We went in at opening, straight to the shark pool and did it a few times in a row w/out a wait…then hit the “big” slides/rides and then the wave pool and left by 11am. It was great, and we still had time to hit Epcot all afternoon and then to DtD for DQ until 11pm. Talk about a fun filled day!! It pays to stay on property and take advantage of the EMH’s either way you use it (am or pm).


It isn’t a matter of which park to do the EMH in first. They only have one park in the morning and one park in the evening, and some days it is only a park in the morning or evening, not both. So, get the schedule of EMHs for your vacation, and see how your plans work with them. There is a thrill in being one of the few people walking on Main Street on a bright clear morning, and you won’t get that after the rope drop. Do or do not, but whatever, just enjoy yourself.
Oh yeah, and you must ride Big Thunder at night so you can see all the stuff in the caves.


The only problem I saw with the extra evening hours last July is that 2 hours after the park “closed” to the general public, there were still people riding stuff. But in December & Jan I saw alot more cast members checking arm bands.

Nice perk for on site guest. You WON’T have the park to yourself but the crowds will thin considerably. You’re trip is very soon so you shouldn’t have crowd problems except maybe on weekend days.


We have used both morning and evening and enjoyed them both. That is if I can stay awake :laugh:


Boy you must be OLD. :wink:

That’s why you stay onsite…so you can go back to the room to get out of the afternoon heat…and nap!!!