Extra Magic Hours


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I’d like to ask a question about the magic hour/s .:huh:

In the AM its just 1 hour before opening, but what time is opening? I know they list an official time but do they open earlier than that,and what time would that be??I would love to get maximum time at each park.

Also, the PM hours: is it always 3 hours? Is each park different in PM extra hours?? So do you just add 3 hours to the listed close time of the park on that day??

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Magic Kingdom has Morning Extra Magic Hours
World Showcase @ Epcot has Evening Extra Magic Hours

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if you go to the calendar it has the EMH schedule on it- that is which day each park has emh. Then you click on the emh link and it will tell you which days of that month are am and which ones are pm. Early hours are one hour and the evening ones can be up to 3 but I would only count on one just in case- we were there once and it ended at 2 and we were surprised.


The early hours last week were 8am. The late hours at MK were 11 - 2am. AK late was 7- 10 pm.


All parks normal opening time is 9 AM so EMH starts at 8. Epcot only opens Future World at 9 AM, so only Future World attractions open early. At night, Epcot always closes at 9, so both parts are open until midnight. Magic Kingdom’s hours are the most subject to change as far as closing depending on time of year. Animal Kingdom, most of the time will close at 5, so evening hours would end at 8. MGM also swings from closing as early as 7:30 to as late as 11, so plan accordingly. Also depending on time of year, the waterparks also have a morning EMH at 8 every day. Disney Quest has no EMH that I am aware of.


Example If MK regularly opens at 9 then the AM Extra Magic hour will start at 8. If MK normally closes at 10, then th ePM Magic hours will last until 1 in the morning. Get it?


You have to check the calendar online or the posted operating hours.

Extra Morning hour is 1 hour early. Evening hours are generally 3 hours. It’s one park each day usually open early or late.

Here is the link to the WDW calendar pages Walt Disney World Resort - Magic Kingdom Park Monthly Hours


This is weird. According to the Cruise line book and CM’s EMH’s are everyday (different park each day) and are both morning and evening.

In other words MK would have 1 hour in the morning AND 3 hours in the evening.

Anyways. Looking at this years OFFICIAL EMH on Disney’s site, does anyone know what the chances they will be the same next year?


You are correct. It is one hour in the am for the designated park of the day and three hours for the evening one that is designated. you are able to get the schedule for that on the official web site. I personally avoid EMH like the plague. I get more done going to a non EMH park at rope drop then going to the EMH and hitting that 9am crowd…no thanks! I have been to the EMH in the evening at both MK and MGM and they weren’t all that crowded, but I don’t intend to hit them on purpose this trip.


I agree, each park has a early EMH and a late EMH on different days of the week. Morning hours are 1 hour prior to opening and the late hours are three hours after closing. Disney will post them on the web site. They do change sometimes but for the most part they stay the same from month to month.


No what I ment was like Dec 3rd MK open 1 hr eairly and closed 3 hrs later on the SAME day.


well, that must of been a special exception, head. Because, according to the WDW website (Disney Online - The Official Home Page of The Walt Disney Company!) it’s different parks on different days for AM/PM EMH.



Thanks guys,

I just want to plan maximum hours at each park…so the EMH at night looks the best value…do you think people will leave after about 8pm, only leaving us fanatics to continue through to 10-11 pm???

Also, if i’m staying at POP, how long to get back to the room, especially from MK after MVMCP finishes at 12 midnight???

or should we hang around the hot chocolate/ cookies till they throw us out ??? to avoid the crowds??? What time do the buses stop running???

thanks again