Extra Magic Hours


Since my family and I will be staying on-site for the first time, we’re new to the whole EMH process. I understand the basics as to how it works. However, I have concerns about the crowds.

When viewing the crowd calender on TouringPlans.com - Plans which save you time and effort, the general advice is to stay away from parks on days when they’re having EMH. And, before I continue, I’ll state that we do have Park Hopper tickets. But, my question is… are EMH more of a hassle than a benefit? Will the parks be overwhelming and more crowded than usual?


last May Epcot was during EMH(evening)…but in Dec. MK(evening) was not because it was open till 12 or 1. We only go to EMH in the evening.


are you planning to go in the morning or evening?


We can only do EveningMH. My husband and son won’t get up any earlier, while on vacation, than I already force them to.


that’s a good thing…I hear that the morning is very busy.


When we went last Easter the evening EMH were not crowded (we never woke up in time for the morning) Actually I was talking to a lady at our resort and she slept in every day enjoyed the pool in the afternoon then went to the parks,first doing everything that would close at closing time then during EMH she said she rode things 2-3 times it was great. Mind you her son was about 13-14 so she had the luxury of him being able to stay up late. With smaller kids you are lucky to make it through the day.


We have experienced plenty of EMH early am entries. IF you can wake up in time, it does allow for you to experience the park with less crowds for a short period of time. It sure doesn’t last long though.


We actually enjoyed the morning EMH the few times we took advantage. (Getting up early was a bit of a task sometimes.) The crowd was smaller than the mid-day crowd! Around lunch time we headed back to the resort for a break and a swim and went to a different park for the evening.


We only ever went to the evening EMH and the parks were great not too crowded at all. DD and DH rode some of the bigger attraction rides two or three times with hardly any waits in line.


When we were there last august we did evening EMHs at all of the parks. There was some crowd but overall it wasnt to bad. We waited maybe 20 minutes for EE. I think the ride that had the longest wait was Soarin. We will definately be using the EMHs this coming august.


They can be a mixed blessing. On site visitors come to that park around closing and replace the general crowd. We have done both at all of the parks at different times of the year including May and June. Mornings are always a benefit but as you said your family will not get up to go. Evenings are longer but the downside is no fast passes so if you went to Epcot to hit Soarin at night the line could be just as long as during the day. Other rides or the countries are good to experience though.

If you can swing it I recommend doing MK in the morning just once. Even though this is an hour long it can make a huge difference. The reason is that MK starts to really fill up around 10:30. Why? Because of all of the families with small children take additonal time getting to the parks. Once they get to MK they either head to Tomorrow Land or Fantasy Land first.
If you are at the gates at 8 this gives you about 2.5 hours of lower crowds. Those families with older children/teenagers will hit the bigger rides such as the Mountains. You can complete Fantasy Land in this time and move to another Land at about the same time as everyone else getting there. To be honest we have done all of Fantasy Land in about 1.5 hours with 2 small kids and gone back and hit the other rides by 10:30 finished and then moved to Buzz.
For example you get there, ride Peter Pan, Small World, Dumbo (the slowest load time), Cinderella, see Mickey Phil., Snow White, Winnie the Pooh, Tea Cups, Indie Cars, then you could do Toon Town or head and get a FP for Buzz. At this point it is probably around 10 am. Do the Astro Orbiter, people mover, Space Mountain, Buzz and the Laugh Floor. Time: 11 - 12.
Take a break. At this point it would be good to rest for a bit and maybe eat something. Now you could do Toon Town then take the train over to Adventure Land and hit that. If your family has had enough go back to the resort to rest and either return or hit a park with EEMH.

Also if you are focusing on doing rides centered around Derek then EEMH work well. Not all parents are going to keep their kids at a park until midnight or 3 am. If they are night people instead of morning people stick to what works the best for you. If it came down to it, stay until 3 am let them sleep in the morning and you hit the pool to do your own resting. Maybe there is a book you have been wanting to read but just cannot find the time until now.


I think the morning emh is when it is most crowed. I have never had any trouble with big crowds in evening emh’s. By the time evening emh rolls around most people are worn out and head to the resort.


Since starting to go at a busy time of the year (August) I am now a huge fan of EMHs. I go to the park that is having them…tour until lunch and leave. At that time we take our break for the day and head back out around dinner time to another park or DTD. We also do the evening EMH sometimes…MGM is our favorite for that.

The EMH’s are worth it if you are going at a busy time of the year. If you are going in a slow season, just skip them and the park that is having them that day. Go to a park who is not hosting EMH in the AM and just be one hand for the rope drop.