Extra Magical Hours!


I know this is a stupid question and I should know the answer, but I am having a MAJOR senior moment right now.

Regarding the EMH are they always the same day of the week each month…

in other words (example) is Epcot ALWAYS open late on Friday’s?


I will not say “Always” but I have noticed a pattern over the past couple of years.


We are trying to figure out where and what to parks to hit and where to dine, so I figured I could get started and I know I have over 300 days, but the excitment has set in.


I agree with Nastory about the pattern… in fact, you could ALMOST call it a regular schedule… but they’re not willing to commit. :laugh: I know it does change during the super-busy periods, with EMH added.


We are going next september so I am going to assume it is going to be the same as this past september


DAC, Assume nothing. Our last trip I made the plans based on the year-before dates and times and don’t you know - it was different. But you will get the update well before the 180 days needed for ADR s.

The up side is you get to plan twice. It’s a twofer.


when i was planning, i got the info from some disney sites, and it said it is fairly regular but subject to change. I’d go ahead and plan based on last year…and have a few ideas ready in case there is a change.