anyone have any extra pins for sale?


I do, but I am to noob to figure out whether to trade or sell. I have a bunch of LE villian valentine (2004 - be my valentine series) that I would like to find homes. I made error bidding on a not to be named site cause I wasnt paying attention.

Villians do not seem to be popular. then again LEs in general do not seem to be popular. and I am easy, I would prefer to trade LE for cast laynards than to sell LE outright. Am I wrong in my thinking that most people prefer cast laynard over even LEs ?


I’ve been thinking about buying pins for my DS for our May trip. He loves to trade but I am going to hate to pay $6-7 per pin in the parks. I’m not into Ebay but I’ve found several of lots there that I’ve been thinking about bidding on.


I would love that series do you have it all?


not any more! down to Cruella (1), Chernabog (1), Queen of Hearts (2), Capt Hook (2), Ursala (9)

I am going to the parks May 18 - 21, so they are probably going to end up on cast lanyards :slight_smile: