Extreme Makeover Home Edition


This show is one of my kids favorites, and we usually end up watching it on Sunday evenings. Last night we were watching the woman who does all the fancy carpentry (I think her name is Paige) and I was admiring the beutiful hair-style she had - long and layered. Then it occurred to me, isn’t it REALLY dangerous to work with power tools with long layered hair hanging down?


And they often send the families to Disney World while they work on the house!!! It’s an added bonus!


Well you can’t expect her to be on national TV and not have her hair all pretty…:laugh:

I know. Not only do they get an awesome new house with all kinds of cool stuff in it, but they also get a trip to WDW. Good for them. I’m not so sure I’d want to go through the stuff some of these people have gone through to get it though… I love this show…


I also love this show! My mom called last night and didn’t see the house completed but I bet the log house looked great.


hehe. I am sure whoever and whenever they are doing the REAL carpentry work hair is pulled back. I would think they shoot them at their prettiest and all the “hard work” isn’t shown. Who knows!!! hehe!


i love that show. it is so good. last week, i watched some of it and to me, it was crazy because the family went to WDW and they showed the family sitting somewhere with the phone to talk to ty. by taking a quick look at the background behind them, i spotted one single color and knew that they were in the contemporary. i was laughing so hard when i realized that all it took was to spot one color to know what hotel they were staying at. have you guys found yourselves doing that?


That show chokes me up so often. I love it. It seems like such a positive and very genuine.

This, more often than not, is how Reality TV should be. Too often the networks try to exploit the negatives in people and the world.

Hey… sometimes they send them to Disneyland too. :tongue:


That’s where they went last night!


Oh i love this show!! It’s one of the only shows that really makes me cry :crying:


I am with everyone else–I love this show! I always get emotional watching it. Plus seeing the families go to Disney on occasion is always fun. I hope EMHE stays around for a long time, because it’s just a genuine, good show.


The camp they redid is a part of the Christian Camp and Conference Association, which we are also a part of. www.cciusa.org


This is great show - I love how the designers, builders, and volunteers really get into the family’s stories. You see them cry and get emotional - it must be very rewarding for them. It makes me cry from start to finish - especially when there are little kids involved…also whenever I see the family enjoying Disney the I cry too because they might have never been able to afford to go otherwise…and I cry at Disney commercials…and at any hint of any Disney song… :crying:


Yeah, I tear up almost everytime I watch it. Just imagine being able to do that for someone who really needs it.

I gotta wonder, though, why it takes so long to have a house built for everyone else. Hmmmm.


don’t have a lot of time, jsut had to tell you all, two weeks ago EHM was filming in MK and I got to meet and hake hands with Paulie Dimeo (My FAVORITE!) ahhhhhhhhh

We were nominated for the show but can’t do it now that Andrew works for Disney :frowning:


I’m glad everybody like the show, but does anyone have any comments about Paige using power tools with her long hair hanging in her way? That was the original purpose of the thread. I got a chuckle out of it.


LOL…that is so funny! :tongue: How did this thread go so wrong so fast? Okay, I would say, VERY dangerous to have long hair hanging down in any power tool of any kind. She really needs to invest in a hair net.


I think we all just love to discuss - ANYTHING!


could I just mention that some of these home decorating and makeover shows have some seriously good-looking carpenters??? OMG – I usually don’t think about how gorgeous TV guys are, but WOW!